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PURE-J Big Top 4/11/2019

PURE-J Big Top 4/11/2019

Pics and gifs to come later. I'm skipping the comedy integender trios match. I'm going to bet on the fact that it will not be Misawa/Kawada 6/3/94.

WANTED - KAZUKI and Rydeen Hagane vs Ayumi Hayashi and Momo Tani
Wanted gets attacked early and Hayashi tries to get the quick roll up but can't. Hayashi's weak strikes do nothing to Rydeen. Kazuki rides her with a single leg crab. She hits the ropes, but the ref pulls her off and allows her to keep the hold on which isn't right. Rydeen backbreaker's Hayashi and Momo comes in and stops it. The ref allows her to stay in the ring fighting for a good 30 seconds or so before making her get out. Momo then gets beaten up by Rydeen. Momo tries to sunset flip Rydeen, but she just sits on her. Momo and Hayashi step on Rydeen together as Momo gets in some offense. Hayashi puts Rydeen in the sleeper but Rydeen gets out. Ayumi and Momo try to work on Kazuki but get nowhere. They continue to get beaten up by both Wanted members and Kazuki wins it with a top rope footstomp or knee drop. This wasn't any good at all with both sides having pretty weak offense and the result never being in question. There really weren't even any highlights to gif.

Leon vs Yako Fujigasaki

Leon gets whipped in the ropes then misses a lawndart spear in the corner to start off. Leon rushes in the corner and sees Yako's big boot, then stops right in her tracks. Leon grabs her like a bulldog and heads up the ropes but Yako drops her on her back, the does a running hip attack to her. Yako goes onto the second rope and Leon tries to run back out of the way, but Yako hip attacks her. She then runs the apron and hip attacks Leon again, then does 4 more in-ring. Yako runs at Leon for another one and gets tilt-a-whirl backbreaker'd then put in a very high texas cloverleaf. Leon tries to spear her in the ropes, but she moves and Leon goes to the apron. Yako then tries to hip attack her through the ropes, but ends up sitting and then gets kicked there. Leon spears her twice more for 2. More hip attacks by Yako until Leon hits another spear. Leon hits a frogsplash from the top and another spear. Yako hits a Cuty Special and more hip attacks. Yako tries another hip attack but gets caught and german'd. Leon runs the ropes at high speeds then beats her with a spear. This was nothing but spears and hip attacks. Really. I didn't know you could do so many in one match. Atleast Leon's spears look good.

Sonoko Kato vs Manami Katsu

They test strength early and Kato hits some hard shots on Katsu. Katsu gives her some hard ones back and we are off to a good start. Kato somersaults on her off the apron. They get on the mat for a bit. Katsu tries a bulldog, but Kato pushes her off and kicks her. Kato then cannonball's her in the corner and leg drops her from the middle rope. Katsu comes back with a hard lariat, a face kick, then a bulldog. Katsu hits a double underhook backbreaker and goes for another but is backdropped. Kato lights her up with kicks. Kato dragon sleeper's her, but she hits the ropes. Kato then high kicks her and does a somersault koppo from the top. Kato's kick gets blocked and she takes a hard forearm. They trade good forearms again and Katsu goes under a kick to turn it into an ankle lock. She then grounds her with it.

Katsu does some hard kicks on a downed Kato then face kicks her through the ropes, then knee dives on her through the ropes. They meet in the middle with forearms then Katsu gets german'd, laying them both out. Katsu blocks an axe kick, but takes a euro uppercut then michinoku drivers her. Katsu climbs the rope with Kato standing and then Katsu hits her diving elbow on her standing opponent, then does another diving elbow after. Kato hits a german for 2 and goes for a leg drop off the ropes but misses. Then she cradle shocks her for 2. Kato does an axe kick from below, not above, and then dragon suplexes her for a close 2. Kato and Katsu then slap each other and Kato hits a buzzsaw kick for 2. She then puts her up for the alabama slam and then drops down to win it. This was okay, but nothing too special. Went a little too long and I thought they should have done more strikes since theirs were real good.

Chikayo Nagashima vs Hanako Nakamori

Chikayo offers a hand to start, then Hanako slaps it and kicks her. Then she kicks her more and face kicks her out of the ring. She then hits a running knee off the apron on her. Hana goes for a suplex, but Chikayo punches her hard in the gut, then eventually bulldogs her. Hana does a nice kick flurry on her and stretch muffler's her. Chikayo sits up top and Hana rushes her, then is caught in a hanging armbar. They fight in the stands and then forearm exchange on the entrance ramp. Chikayo ties her up in the ropes, then hits her with a chair. Hana tries a buzzsaw kick on her, but Chikayo blocks it with the chair. Chikayo then sits her on the chair and kenka kicks her over. Chikayo hits a nothern lights suplex for 2 and then gets superplexed and hit with a shining wizard for a 2. Chikayo ducks a buzzsaw kick but then just gets kenka kicked instead. Chikayo germans her for 2, but Hana high kicks her and hits a german of her own. They trade kenka kicks and Chikayo hits a nice exploder on her for 2. Chikayo does a top rope footstomp for 2. Chikay starts bullying her with face kicks and forearms. Hana gets some offense in and destiny hammer's her for 2. they trade pin attempts and Hana buzzsaw kicks her for another 2. Chikayo frankensteiners her and then fisherman busters her for another 2. Chikayo argues with the ref and kicks him low, then grabs a chair. Hana kicks her and she drops it, then Hana hits her with it. Chikayo survives a michinoku driver for 2, and pushes Hana into the ref. She then mists her in the face and hurricanrana's her for the win. This was a fun match. It had a good pace and they showed some emotion out there, along with some snug work. I'm not sure about heel Chikayo though. This was more interesting than I had expected.

Overall thoughts: About what you'd expect from JWP. Nothing too great, though the main was fun. Leon's match and Kato's match were also totally fine.

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