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Pro Wrestling WAVE - WAVE Phase 2 Osaka Reboot 4/28/2019

Pro Wrestling WAVE - WAVE Phase 2 Osaka Reboot 4/28/2019
OSAKA女子ラストマッチ プロレスリングWAVE Phase2 「OSAKA Reboot」

I'm doing 3 of the 4 matches here. The main is a comedy retirement match(I think), and I don't have much interest in it. And from what I can find, while Ryo Mizunami is on the poster, she isn't actually on the show.

Hiroe Nagahama vs. Rin Kadokura
Rin Kadokura

Hiroe Nagahama

The finish
Rin is in blue, Hiroe is in yellow and white. Hiroe spears her to start this off then dropkicks her from the top. Hiroe hits a solid forearms and Rin does a clothesline on her. Rin hits more forearms and they pound on each other. Rin then gets lifted up and DDT's Hiroe. Rin puts her on the bottom rope then dropkicks her and lands on the floor. Rin hits more dropkicks then Hiroe slaps her. Hiroe punches her in the gut then does another spear for 2. She northern lights then backdrops her and Rin gets out of the way of her moonsault. Rin cannonballs her in the corner. Then she northern light's her for 2. They botch a hip attack and Rin crucifix bombs her. Rin rolls through her own pin attempts, which makes no sense, then takes another Hiroe spear. Rin talkes another northern lights, then a nice german. Rin then gets backdropped for 2. Hiroe then wins it with a moonsault. I liked this, even though they have a limited amount of moves and did have some botches. It had some energy to it.

 Yuu vs Hikari Shida
Hikari Shida


Yuu knocks Hikari down and she kip-ups on each one. 2 of them were not clean landings though. Yuu powers her early, lifting her up from the mat just to slam her down. Shida takes her over and knees her as she hangs off the apron. She stands on her on the ropes and poses. Shida camel clutches her but she hits the ropes. Shida takes a spinning side slam and a senton. They trade some forearms and Yuu does her spot where she chops, puts the girl down, then lifts her back up. Shida goes for a high running knee and Yuu catches her and throws her off, then John Woo's her. Yuu hits a quick side throw, then lifts her up for a powerbomb. Shida tries to turn it into a hurricanrana but she blocks it, but can't block it the second time. Shida suplexes her and knees her again. Yuu grabs Shida's running knee, but takes 3 knees after, which gets Shida the win. Not great but fine for what it was. It still had some rough spots and I'm not sold on Shida, but this was fine.

Black Widow - Yumi Ohka and Nagisa Nozaki vs Yuki Miyazaki and Sakura Hirota
Hirota in the pink, Yuki with the red hair

Nagisa on the bottom, Ohka on top
The shame hold

Yuki's team attacks early and Yuki puts the shame hold on Nagisa. You'll know what it is. BW double teams Yuki for it. Hirota fails trying to indian deathlock Nagisa, and does her usual comedy stuff. They blatantly work together on a bulldog, exposing the match, for comedy purposes. Hirota does her usual "woo" jumps over her opponent the headbutts her boot. Hirota challenges her to do it and nagisa beats up on her for it with double slaps. Hirota walks the ropes, and does her jump on the middle one, then tries it again and fails. She talks Nagisa into trying it and Nagisa also crotches herself off of it, then she gets kancho'd. Nagisa yakuza kicks Yuki in the corner, then hits 2 more. Nagisa drops Yuki over the top rope like a stun gun, then  I think Yuki rams her into her butt, but the camera wasn't there. Nagisa climbs on Yuki's back, and Hirota climbs to the top. She falls forward and Yuki ends up ramming Nagisa into her. Yuki then reverse alabama slam's Hirota onto Nagisa. Yuki tries to catapult Hirota onto Nagisa, but Nagisa blocks it and kicks her off. BW yakuza's Yuki in the corner. Yuki kisses Yumi and then superplexes her. Yuki goes for a moonsault and hits hard when Ohka moves. Nagisa does a reverse axe kick on Yuki(see pic). Hirota tries to dive onto her opponents but hangs herself on the ropes and the crowd asks her to try again, and she fails again. Hirota missile dropkicks Ohka for 2 from the top, then does a half and half suplex on her. Hirota tries a shining wizard on Nagisa, but Ohka hits her with a yakuza from the side. Hirota gets double kicked by both opponents(see gif), then no sells a freaking tiger suplex, which I hate. It's even worse when a comedy wrestler does it. Yuki kisses Hirota, then they both kiss their opponents, who I think spray mist when they fall back. Hirota kancho's Ohka multiple times and Ohka just falls on her for the win. I hate comedy wrestling and business exposing wrestling and this had all of that and then some. After the match, Nagisa uses the cold spray on Ohka's butt from the kancho's.

Overall thoughts: I wouldn't go out of my way to see this. This was nothing special at all.

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