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Pro Wrestling WAVE - Happy Birthday WAVE 2019 ~ Sakura Saku 4.0 4/14/2019

Pro Wrestling WAVE - Happy Birthday WAVE 2019 ~ Sakura Saku 4.0 4/14/2019

Pics and gifs to come later.

Hiroe Nagahama vs Saori Anou

The crowd is into Hiroe to start this. Anou cartwheels out of an armlock and Hiroe then does her own counter. They both try to work toe holds. They kind of botch something in the corner and Hiroe roughs her up some. Anou gets a little in and gets missile dropkicked. She goes on top again and Anou really flings her. They get a nice forearm exchange in and Anou hits a huge boot to the face. Hiroe hits a big dropkick and a northern lights suplex, and we get the announcers kids eating on the picture-in-picturen screen. This is a first, and not a good first. Hiroe misses her big moonsault. Anou hits a great german on her for 2. Hiroe blocks a dragon and rolls her up with a cool leg hold for 2. Anou then backslides her and flips over her for the win. Good match here. They had a few miscommunications but both looked good and we got some solid work here.

Nagisa Nozaki vs Rin Kadokura

They test strength to start and Rin rolls through an armlock. Nagisa then puts on a headlock and then boots her back down. Nagisa picks on her for a bit and doubles her machine gun double chops. Nagisa camel clutches her and the commentators kids start yelling over the mic. So unprofessional. Rin gets stepped on and gets some offense in, putting Nagisa in her own camel clutch. Nagisa puts her in an abdominal stretch and pushes hard on her neck. Rin cannonballs her and Nagisa dropkicks her in the corner, then hits a running yakuza kick. Nagisa does her reverse axe kick and sits on her stomach for 2. She hits more yakuza's and Rin fights back with chest strikes, before taking another yakuza. Rin dropkicks her in the mouth and goes through the middle rope with it, but eats another yakuza. Nagisa does a bad STO for 2. Nagisa hits a missile dropkick and double knees for 2. The kids start crying again then Rin does a version of the northern lights with both hands captured. Nagisa hits another dropkick to the face for 2, then Rin reverses something into a final cut for an upset win. This wasn't that bad, just they didn't sell enough and did too much. 

Chihiro Hashimoto vs Yuki Miyazaki

This could be a fun battle of the big girls if they don't go the comedy route. They test strenth, and Yuki teases kissing her, then puts her in the shame hold. I think if you had these girls swap costumes, few could tell the difference since they have similar body types and even similar hair dye. Yuki goes after an attendant at ringside for some reason and does another shame hold. Yuki does her spot where she rams her opponent's head into her backside. Chihiro hits an abdominal stretch and they finally collide on each other with shoulders. They trade some forearms and lariat battle. Yuki wins that battle in the end. They both do some disturbing taunts. Yuki lays on her back first for some odd reason and they go to the ropes. Yuki takes Chihiro outside, but they only have one cam and no screen, so no one sees any of it...okay, this is bad. They finally get back in the building and Yuki gets dragged in. Chihiro rolls through with a fireman's carry and Yuki is up by he time she makes it to the top. They do more gross taunts at each other and Yuki superplexes her. Yuki misses a moonsault. Chi spears her and does a nasty looking flipping senton on her. Yuki pokes her and they do another lariat test, with Chi hitting a 2nd. Chi slams her down hard with a powerbomb for 2. Yuki tries to kiss her again and Chi blocks it. Chi hits a GREAT delayed german and the kid starts screaming again on the mic. Chi kisses her then pins her. This could have been real real good, but they went the lazy comedy route and blew it. Very disappointing stuff. Yuki's one of the few girls that I think could really go toe to toe with Chihiro and they opted out of that.

Hikaru Shida vs Ryo Mizunami

Shida rushes her with a knee to start and kips up after a shoulder. She hits a running hurricanrana and gets powerslammed. Ryo hits machine gun chops and dances around on the last one. Shida fires back with machine gun forearms and does her own dance before blasting her in the chest with a good one. Ryo then hits another round of chops and one more good one at the end. Ryo does some weird invisible tug of war thing then hits Shida in the corner. Ryo does a running leg drop for 2. They keep it fast paced and Shida does some running leg strikes. They fight on the apron and Shida hits an MK Ultra on her on it. The only problem with matches like these is that when you start out real fast, when it slows down, it really feels slow. They go outside and fight in the stands, but there's one cam and we can't see any of it. The commentator's kids make noise over the mic as my eyes roll. Shida pounds on Yo as she hangs off the apron. Shida is covered in red stuff now for some reason. She works a chinlock and then does running knees to her in the corner. Shida does a shotgun knee and knocks her down. Shida runs at her with a knee but gets thrown down then Ryo charges into another knee. Ryo hits a big lariat to knock her down. They exchange some nice forearms then Ryo flurries on her. Ryo winds up on a lariat, gets blocked, then hits a big one. Shida goes for a running knee, but Ryo lariats it down then lariats her for what I thought would win it, but was 2. Shida superplexes her in hard then hits big knees front and back for 2. Ryo hits a dragon suplex for 2 and a big lariat for another close 2. Times about to run out and it does. Good match. The middle portion got a little lost, but they hit hard and fast here. I thought this was a good effort by both girls.

Himeka Arita vs Yumi Ohka

The finish
I believe Arita is an Actwresgirl'Z member. The announcers shill food as this starts...They finally go away. They each want a test of strength, but they knock down each others hands. Arita ties her up on the ropes and hits some weak slaps while counting along. Ohka hits likely one of many big boots in the corner, and htis another one. Okha drops some knees on her from the middle rope. They fight over a figure four with a reversal, then Ohka bringing it back on. Arita comes back with some strikes for 2. The kids start yelling on the mic again and they trade forearms. Arita shakes the ropes and powers up. She boots Arita and sends her into the ropes, then Arita knocks her down with a shoulder. Arita has a hard time getting Ohka on her shoulders, which is not good since Ohka is super thin and racks her briefly. Arita hits a nice big knee to the face and then gets backcracker'd. The kids yell more and Ohka hits some boots. Ohka crossbodies her from the top for 2. Arita samoan drops her and splashes down for 2. Arita hits some more knees and Ohka gets in too close on a yakua and her leg folds. Arita knocks her down for 2 then takes a cross arm DDT. Ohka hits an axe kick and gets 2. Ohka hits a boot then goes for a second and eats a big lariat. Ohka does a running curb stomp for 2, which really should have ended it. Then she hits a running yakuza for the win. Arita is still green but she didn't put on too bad of a performance. I liked the match, but it was too long and they did a little too much. Arita's got some personality though and her lariats/knees look good, so I think she can be worked with into something good in time. Not a bad effort from her at all.

Mika Iwata vs Sakura Hirota
The match didn't even start yet and someone green misted Hirota. They test strength early. Hirota tries to sit on her, but she doesn't budge and then she flips over as well. Because they rubbed heads and arms, Iwata now has green mist on her too. They trade some forearms, Iwata dropkicks her then Hirota hits her with a bulldog from behind. Hirota messes up her indian deathlock attempt as usual and kancho's Iwata. Iwata fires back with some nice kicks and suplexes her for 2.  Hirota has her up for a powerbomb and walks across the ring with her. Hirota does her usual "woo" jumps then as always takes feet when she tries the headbutt. She gets Iwata to do it too and then moves when Iwata tries the headbutt part. Hirota tries a tope but like always gets caught on the ropes. They go outside and end up back on the entrance ramp with I think Nagisa getting misted. Chihiro trips Hirota on the ropes outside for some reason. Yuki Miyazaki then comes in and shame hold's Iwata for some reason, then Hirota shining wizard's her. Iwata hits a nice superkick on her and then a northern lights. Hirota kancho's her after a missed spin kick, then Hirota kisses her. She does some weird failed suplex attempt where she almost pins herself. Then they collide and Hirota falls on her for 2. Iwata hits a big high kick and a Kancho. Hirota then pops something in her mouth and shoots out blood, then Iwata wins it. I'm really not into comedy stuff and it's a shame they weren't serious, because I think this would have been good.

Miyuki Takase vs Yumi Ohka

Ohka's doing double duty. Takase wants a shake and then she attacks Ohka when she gets it. She does a twisting brainbuster on her. Takase does a forward roll with her on her shoulders then leg drops her from the 2nd rope. Takase body scissors her then rolls her around. Takase does a flying forearm for 2 from the middle rope. They trade some strikes with Takase hitting her flurry, then Ohka stops it with a boot. She axe kicks her for 2. Takase hits a sling blade but Ohka comes back with another boot. Ohka goes for a choke, but Takase lifts her and suplexes her over. The time limit then runs out. I have no idea why this went to a time limit when Hirota and others on thise show got 10+, especially since it probably would have been good.

Overall thoughts: The show was good overall, though it would have been better without the comedy. 2 matches got dragged down by it that I think would have been good otherwise. I'm not sure what the time limit draws were really about though, and this is the first show in a long time to have 2 of them.

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