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Ice Ribbon P's Party #27 ~ Yokohama Party 5/2/2019

Ice Ribbon P's Party #27 ~ Yokohama Party 5/2/2019
アイスリボン P'sParty横浜大会「YOKOHAMA PARTY~横浜プロレスまつり2019~」2019年5月2日

I'm skipping the intergender 5 way. No thanks.

Mystique vs Chabela
Yea, uh...not good
Mystique wears the mask and Chabela wears the bandana. Mys cartwheels out of an armlock then Chabela armdrags her down. They botch a spinning headscissors. Chabela holds her arm up for a test of strength. Mystique gets close and she jumps so she can't reach it. Mystique has enough of it and she botches something. They slap each other on the chest and Mystique forward flips over her when she dopes down. She gets caught on a body scissors and armdrags Chabela down. Mystique takes her arm and goes up to the top, she almost falls then bounces off the top rope and flips to armdrag her. She then does a small flip to Chabela on the outside from the apron. Chabela grabs Mystique and pulls her into the post. Chabela then throws her through the first couple of rows. They trade some forearms and Chabela eats some chairs. Chabela throws Mystique into a table, then it falls down. She throws a chair at Mystique then dropkicks her. Chabela drops her on her knee like an atomic drop. Chabela slams her twice more then does triple suplexes. Chabela clotheslines her then Mystique bridges out of the second attempt. Mystique does a bad cartwheel into an elbow then a bad spin kick. The announcers mock Mystique's pose then the feed cuts out. We come back and Chabela takes a top rope splash as Mystique wins it. This went way too long and Mystique messed up everything she tried. This match had no idea what it wanted to be and the feed cutting out was the cherry on the turd sundae.

Aoki Itsuki and Satsuki Totora vs Mei Hoshizuki and Mikoto Shindo

Mei is in the multi-colored one piece and Shindo is in the green and black one piece. Collectively, Aoki's team has some of the worst gear ever. The rookies rush dropkick them to start, then get slammed down. Aoki really camel clutches Shindo good. Mei tries some forearm shots but Aoki is so much bigger than she is. Shindo tries dropkicks on Totora but it goes nowhere on her, but after about 6 she finally gets her down. Totora sends her flying with a shoulder block. Totora stands on her then tags out. Aoki suplexes Shindo for 2. Shindo fights back with dropkicks and forearms and tries multiple pinning attempts for 2. Mei dropkicks Aoki a bunch of times then tries more pinning attempts. Aoki bodysplashes Mei on the ropes which pops the announcers, then double stomps her from the 2nd rope. Aoki and her partner both splash Mei. Totora tries to avalanchee her but Shindo stops it. Shindo dropkicks her and Mei rolls her up for 2. Totora then sits on Mei and Shindo has to save her. Aoki flips Totora from the top on Mei, squashing her and Totora wins it. This was longer than it needed to be, but the work made sense and everyone put in a good effort. The rookies really did a good job here.

Rina Shingaki and Asahi vs Miyuki Takase and Suzu Suzuki

Rina is in the blue from K-Dojo. Asahi is in the lighter blue. Suzuki is in the pink and white. and Takase is in the red/gold/black. The k-dojo girls attack early then there is a complicated irish whip thing. Takase gets a bell out and annoys Asahi with it. Rina does a body scissors standing kimura but gets put into the ropes. Takase runs the ropes up fast and dropkicks her. Takase does a flying forearm for 2. Suzu crossbodies her for 2 then Rina fights back. Rina rolls through with a nice armbar. Rina and Suzu have a nice forearm exchange with some serious shots. Asahi and Suzu do a cool rolling pin spot where they go forwards then backwards. Takase hits some hard knees on Asahi. Takase throws Asahi off the top rope and Suzu tries to pin her own partner after a failed crossbody. Like, legit, she tried to pin her own partner. Takase slams Rin on Asahi, then they do the dumb spot where Takase kicks her partner then slams her on her opponents. Takase misses a big middle rope legdrop and then almost gets pinned. Takase hits a very nice rotation powerslam then hammers Asahi with a forearm for 2. Takase then wins it on Asahi with a twisting brainbuster. This was a long one and I kept mixing up Asahi and Suzu for some odd reason, so that's on me if anything is off. Takase was good here as she always is and this had some good stuff in it, but a few lowlights as well.

Matsuya Uno vs Banny Oikawa vs Tsukushi

Banny is supposed to be Bunny, but they don't have a way to make the "u" sound correct, so they go with the "a" as it sounds closer. Banny was a ref but became a wrestler recently. They go after Banny early, but Banny rolls through and does a kip-up then a double armdrag. Banny leapfrogs both opponents and trips, then falls later. Banny gets camel clutched and Tsukushi runs the ropes then nails Uno with a dropkick hard. Uno and Tsu both climb the ropes together, Uno drops down then Tsukushi dropkicks her and kicks her out. Tsu stretches Banny with a single leg crab. Banny does this cartwheel then a back kick. Tsukushi double stomps from the top on a pin attempt. Banny backslides her for 2. Uno chops Tsukushi on the head then spears her down after switching ropes. Banny rolls her up, then Tsukushi rolls her up. Uno leapfrogs her then rolls her up, then Banny smothers them both for 2. Banny gets another double pin attempt for 2. Uno spears through Banny and Tsukushi hits a nasty dropkick on Uno. She tries it on Banny but ends up on the floor. Uno slaps Banny. Tsukushi goes over the top hard, then Uno puts Banny on her shoulder and slams her down chest first. Tsukushi slaps her opponents then steps on the ref's hand after. There was also a spot where Tsukushi crucifixed one of them while they had control of the other that I'll gif for you later. This was a very fast paced match and had some good stuff in it.

Maika Ozaki vs Maria

Maria is in the purple camo singlet. Ozaki is in the blue, black and red. They do some arm work early and Maria rolls through then kips up. Maria takes a couple of snapmarkes and Maika squashes her some with her weight. Maria tries to trade forearms but is no match for Maika. She fires up but still Maika ain't selling it. Maika stretches her with the camel clutch and Maria finally comes back with dropkicks. Maria hits a big slam on Maika for 2. Maria gets torture rack'd but turns it into a sleeper. Maria keeps going for pins but can't put her away. Maika stretches out Maria with a bow and arrow then gets torture rack'd again then tapped out as Maika really stretches her good. This was a squash but Maria looked really good here with a lot of fire.

Giulia and Tequila Saya vs Rina Yamashita and Yappy

Yapp is dressed like a goth secretary. Giulia and Rina go at it early. Yappy knocks over giulia with a shoulderblock then takes double slaps from her opponents. Saya stretches out Yappy and Giulia pulls on her shoulders to assist with the stretching. Yappy gets picked on more, and if we're being honest, she looks like she should be. Rina suplexes both opponents. She nails Giulia super hard in the chest. Giulia fires back but can't compare and hits a standing boot right to the face. Rina challenges her to do it again then Giulia brogue kicks her to the face. Saya comes in and does corner splashes on Rina. Rina hits Saya with a nasty thudding kick to the face and lariats her hard. Yappy wants in and Rina brings her in. She puts Saya in a headlock with the arm and whips her around. She tries to pin Saya while she's on her stomach...Saya takes a nasty kick to the face that makes the girl announcer yell. Yappy then spins Saya around and drops her on her stomach. Saya takes a crab from Yappy, but makes the ropes. Yappy learns on the bottom rope sitting up and Saya comes in and splashes her, making her bounce. That strikes me as unsafe for some reason. Yappy is about to get dropkicked but Rina pushes her out of the way. Saya's team double underhooks Rina's together and slams her down. Saya does a weird pedigree like thing on Yappy that I'll gif for you. Yappy rolls her up in a real close 2 count but Saya returns with a roll-thru pin and wins it. Rina is a boss and is pretty awesome and the Rina/Giulia stuff was good. I'm not really a fan of the Yappy gimmick because she looks like an edgy high schooler, but she has a lot of personality to her and maybe someday she can be serious. They all pose together to end this, which I don't like as Rina should be nailing everyone, not being happy with them.

All the girls pose together to end the show.

Overall thoughts: I enjoyed the show. Ice still has a lot of people playing wrestler as opposed to being a wrestler, but they got some talent there as well. The only match I didn't like was the opener. The announcing was interesting as it was both girls and they really did pop for a lot of the moves and get into the various wrestlers, which was rather refreshing. I don't think I'd recommend it as it does take an open mind to appreciate.

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