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Dragon Gate - Dead or Alive 2019 5/6/2019

Dragon Gate - Dead or Alive 2019 5/6/2019
ドラゴンゲート Dead or Alive 2019 

Dragon Dia, Jason Lee, Keisuke Okuda & Yuki Yoshioka vs. Natural Vibes (Genki Horiguchi, Punch Tominaga & YASSHI) & Mondai Ryu

Okuda lights up Yasshi with kicks early and takes a random Yakuza to the face by Punch. Dia does a handspring over punch then they do a sequence that ends in a lucha armdrag. Punch does a 2nd rope battering ram to Dia's chest, which was cool. Lee gets in and misses an enzugiri but hits one on the rebound(see gif). Genki gets put out in a sitout front slam off a failed counter. They botch a catapult battering ram. Lee hits a cool flurry of slaps in the corner. Dia then asai moonsaults onto everyone. Okuda and Ryu trade shots and Yoshi wins it with a frogsplash on Ryu in a super fast paced and quick match.

MaxiMuM (Kaito Ishida & Masato Yoshino) vs. R.E.D. (Ben-K & Eita) 

Yay, the members of RED I don't hate!

The finish
Kaito does a cool armdrag to start us off. Yoshino sends Eita flying with a John Woo. Ben sits on Kaito's throat on the ropes. Ben carries Kaito around like a kid and drops him in a side backbreaker. The match really slows down. K won't tag Eita. K no sells Kaito's forearms then hits one of his own which dazes him. Kaito does a sliding kick on Eita and sends him back rolling. K and Yoshino trade with Yoshino winning the strike trade. K spears the post hard. Yoshino hits his missile dropkick + senton combo. Kaito gets some hard shots in on K and then Yoshino takes a hard spear from K. Eita throws K off on a pin  and gets sent flying from a Yoshino lariat. K spears his own man and Yoshino wins it with his lightning spiral. This one was all about RED not being able to work together and they definitely sold that story. This wasn't too special otherwise and was nowhere near the best this could have been.

Open The Brave Gate Title Match - Susumu Yokosuka vs. U-T

Super Mugen

UT does a cool bounce on the ropes to armdrag Sus early. He then dives outside on him. Sus lariats the post when trying to hit UT with it. UT does a double arm hold(see pic) that I'm pretty sure doesn't hurt at all. UT does more arm work. Sus does an exploder on him in the corner then lariats him while he sits on the top rope. Looks like he landed on his head but it was hard to tell. Sus then did a super exploder from the top after they were working an armlock less than 3 minutes early. UT tries to work Sus's arm more, but I guess he forgot Sus stopped caring about that after it happened. UT does an outside to in codebreaker and works on Sus's arm more. UT codebreakers the arm and then gets lariated hard with it. Ut takes another lariat to the back of the head. Sus then hits a super mugen from the top. Ut does a crucifix into an armlock, then gets lariated but locks him in another one. UT goes to the top for something with the arm but he takes a super death valley driver instead. Not a problem as he's back up going for a pin and running soon after. Sus then keeps lariating him with the worked over arm and UT gets a roll-up. Sus hits an Aikata and another Mugen to win. UT worked this smart for the first half then just gave up and gave into the stupidity on this no-selling affair.

Open The Triangle Gate Title Match - R.E.D. (KAZMA SAKAMOTO, Takashi Yoshida & Yasushi Kanda) (c) vs. Mochizuki Dojo (Hyo Watanabe, Kota Minoura & Masaaki Mochizuki)

I hate RED but I like Mochizuki Dojo. They go outside for low-effort brawling immediately. they do a train on Sakamoto in the corner. Minoura does a cool overhead drop. Kanda gets put on his head and then kicked right in the nartz in clear view of the ref. Yoshida chops Hyo in the throat. Yosida picks him up for a backdrop and just throws him forward so he lands on his back. Hyo takes a bunch of offense from RED. Hyo does his spot where he gets lariated over the top, lands on the apron then springboards back over. Mochi hits a surprise triangle kick on Kanda on the apron. Hyo hits a tope con hilo with a perfect landing. Hyo gets release german'd. Kanda gets top rope cutter'd by Hyo, then takes kicks and a twister by Mochi. Yoshida takes a triangle kick then a german pin which is broken up. Hyo gets hit with a ton of stuff and kicks out at 2. Then he does his cool roll-up for 2. He gets powerbombed and takes some kind of piledriver by Sakamoto for the RED win. This wasn't slow and RED was much better than I expected. This was super fast paced with non-stop action.

Open The Dream Gate Title Match - PAC (c) vs. Dragon Kid

They do the usual flip counters out of armlocks to start. Pac does another flip out of a move and then backbreakers Kid. Kid then does a hurricanrana to the outside. Kid does his fancy figure four variation. Kid then gets tombstone'd on the apron. They work a sleeper spot, and like yeah right, a match between two of the best highflyers is going to end in a sleeper. They get confused on a spot and have to regroup then Pac takes another springboard hurricanrana. Kid then does a moonsault from the 2nd rope to the floor on the outside. Kid does a diamond dust and a handstand kick. Pac does a blue thunder then Kid hits a Christo soon after. Kid takes a superkick then 2 german's. As you would expect, selling and not overdoing it with big moves has not been a feature of this match so far. Pac goes for the 450 but Kid moves. Pac hits a nasty super falcon arrow. They do a hurricanrana with both standing on the top and clearly coordinating together, followed by a reverse hurricanrana. Pac then kicks out of a dragonrana as well. Kid hits a crucifix bomb for 2. Then Kid takes a lariat and does the sell where he ends up on the top rope from it. Kid does a super reverse hurricanrana then a lucha ddt. Pac catches his springboard off the top because who cares about selling and then powerbombs hims twice for a 2. Kid then takes a tombstone from the middle rope and Pac wins with a corkscrew shooting star press. As expected, there was little selling and lots of flashy dangerous moves. This was pretty stupid wrestling if you ask me and it wasn't even a good highflying match.

Escape Cage Match - Wrestlers can/must kick a wrestler out of their faction - Kzy vs. YAMATO vs. Shun Skywalker vs. Naruki Doi vs. Big R Shimizu

They pick on Big R to start this and he ends up taking down all of them. R throws Kzy into the cage hard early. R gets taken down and Yamato and Kzy exchange. Doi and Yamato work together on Kazy with a cool combo. Shun tries to surfboard R but he's too heavy and he needs help. He props him up and everyone dropkicks him. They each slap each other in rotation then everyone breaks the rotation and starts hitting Yamato. Kzy loads up R with bodies and R samoan drops two people at the same time, then Kzy gets a shot in on him. Kzy does a swanton on R then Shun does a moonsault after. We finally hit the time limit and everyone goes after their flag to retrieve it.Everyone from the various teams hits them with stuff to stop it. Punch climbs the cage with a trashcan but Doi takes it and hits him with it. Yasshi grabs a plastic hammer and hits Doi over the head with it til it breaks. Santa Maria throws a streamer shooter on Kzy, who then crotches himself. Kaito stops Shun by hitting him with a giant fan and another Maximum guy sprays Shun in the face. One of Shun's teammates gives him a piece of wood to stand on and he dives off of it. Shun gets back down and takes a canadian destroyer. They did the usual rubber band spot where they pull it all the way back and it hits the guy in the face. Kzy hits someone with a confetti gun and he is the first to escape. R gets hit with silly string and water of some sort when he tries to escape. Shun  teases a knee injury then gets to the top. He gets hit with silly string and kisses from Santa Maria. Yamato goes up and muisc plays with hyo dressed up as Santa Maria. He then kisses a bunch of people, yuck. Shun then grabs the flag to escape. We finally go back to looking like a match for a second as Doi hits some moves and gets his escape attempt blocked. R gets his nose broken during all of this then music hits again as he tries to leave. BxB Hulk returns in full goth mode. He mists R. Yamato then gets a flag to escape. Doi goes to escape and Ben K grabs the flag and takes it and puts it in the middle, so he can't get it easy. R hits a big chokeslam on Doi R climbs up and Kaito pours powder all over him, which takes him down. Doi hits a couple of Doi 5's on R and Yoshida mists Doi bigtime. R hits a bunch of lariats and then a sitout powerbomb. Shun blocks R's attempt then R climbs on the wooden board and misses a diving headbutt on Doi. Doi then grabs the flag to be the last escapee. This wasn't really a wrestling match no more than it was Double Dare or something else. There was little to no wrestling here and it was mostly all comedy. The match also went on really long.

Here's who each person picked to remove from their faction:

Shun - picked himself and said he wants to go on his own from Mochizuki Dojo

Doi - He wanted to kick out Dragon Kid for a while but had a change of heart after he saw how much Kid worked for him in the match.

R - He kicked out Ben K.

Kzy/Yamato - Kicked out no one.

Overall thoughts: The main event was a total joke that wasn't even wrestling. The rest was the usual DG stuff - a lack of selling but big moves and a very fast pace. If you like that sort of thing, you will love it, if you don't, it's not for you. I probably enjoyed the opener or the trios match the most.

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