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Actwres girl'Z 5/11/2019

Actwres girl'Z 5/11/2019
アクトレス・ガールズ 2019年05月11日

Actwres girl'Z has been the mystery of joshi. They don't have TV or any VOD service and the only way to see them is live or on DVD. This is the first show of theirs that has made it online and finding a show from this company has been a holy grail of mine for a while now. This is basically an idol wrestling promotion, with a lot of green but cute girls.

They do a dance routine to start:
 This is their announcer:

There's an integender 3 way that I want no part of and won't watch.

Kakeru Sekiguchi vs. Misa Matsui

Matsui is in the blue and white and Kakeru is in the blue and black. Kakeru does a cool counter on an armlock early. Kakeru stands on her face in the corner. Kak camel clutches her and sticks both fingers in her nose and pulls. Kak works the arm and then Matsui goes on the offense with dropkicks. Matsui puts her in an octopus hold, then crossbodies her for 2. They trade some forearms to the chest for a few minutes, which was quite boring. It got so bad I had to FF through it. They trade pinfall attempts, then Kakeru hip throws her. Kakeru then STO's her for the win. The forearm stuff really ruined the match for me and was incredibly boring.

Ayano Irie vs. Mari

Ayano is in the pink and Mari's in the red and black. They lock up to start and Mari pushes her into the ropes. Mari rolls Ayano with a headscissors on the mat, then Mari rolls her and puts her in a crab. Mari rolls through a pin and puts her in the pedulum. Mari drops her down with a forearm shot, then does it again. They trade some strikes and Mari kicks her to put her down, but Ayano keeps getting back up. Ayano does a stunner like move, then puts her in a single leg crab. Mari catches her wit ha sideslam for 2 then samoan drops her for another 2. Mari lifts her up for the gori special and then drops her back and wins it, which we don't really see. This wasn't any good either with both girls being real green.

Kaori Yoneyama & Noa Igarashi vs. Miyuki Takase & Tae Honma

 Igarashi is in the pink and white. Takase is in the red/gold. Honma is in the green and black. Yone and Honma trade armdrags early and do the usual stand off. Iga tricks Takase into a test of strength and her and Yone beat up on her. Takase and her partner then dropkick them both. Takase buts Iga in a high crab. They do a 4 person camel clutch, which each clutching the person on top. Takase lights up Iga with chops and forearms then hits multiple forearms on her. Iga does a bad crossbody off the middle rope. Yonyama does some awful double chops. Takese double jumps up the corner ropes and dropkicks Yone. Honma gets in and dropkicks Yone from the middle rope then dropkicks her hard when she lays on the bottom rope. Honma double armbars Yone, while Takase abdominal stretches Iga. The announcers, who are completely clueless, get snacks during this. Iga hits a bunch of dropkicks on Honma, with one of them being real good. Honma goes for another double armbar but Yone stops it. Honma almost gets dropped on her head from the top and even the announcers make it obvious she almost gets hurt. Yone's team double roll-ups the other team and Honma wins it quick with a flying armbar. This wasn't anything special. Honma and Takase are fine, but this really wasn't anything special.

Ayumi Hayashi & Momo Tani vs. SAKI & Saori Anou

Ayumi Hayashi

Momo Tani

Saori Anou

Momo is in the pink. Saki is in the pink/black/white. Saori is in the blue/black and Hayashi is in the green/white. Momo and Hayashi jump their opponents early, but Anou stops it with kicks. Anou puts Hayashi in the camel clutch early then throws her around by her hair. Saki and Anou put their feet on Hayashi's neck on the ropes. Saki giant swings Hayashi. They beat up on Hayashi a bit more, then Hayashi stops it with a dropkick. Anou's team both stops on Momo on the ropes. Momo and Anu botch something and the announcers make it clear that wasn't supposed to happen. Hayashi fires up and reminds me a lot of Miho Wakizawa, but all she does is dropkicks. Anou takes back over and gets sunset flipped for 2. Saki boots Hayashi multiple times. Saki tries to suplex Hayashi, but she turns it into a sleeper, but gets booted down again. Momo has enough and they double dropkick Saki. Hayashi hits more dropkicks and brings Momo in. Momo and Saki botch a suplex. Saki misses a vader bomb and Momo hits an ugly backcracker on her, then a 2nd better one. They dropkick on Saki, who finallly moves after the fourth one. Hayashi crossbodies both opponents, gets caught, then flipped onto her partner. Momo hits double knees on Saki who was on the bottom rope, then she double knees her from the middle rope. Anou and Saki do some sloppy double boot. Saki gets a nearfall on Momo with a boot then wins with a suplex. This was not good at all. They tried here but there was a ton of sloppy work and Hayashi really has no offense but dropkicks. This was little but bad boots and dropkicks.

Overall thoughts: This was not good. Everyone on the roster is pretty green and there were tons of botches throughout. This was kind of like a bad Ice Ribbon.

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