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WWF Superstars of Wrestling 5/5/1990

WWF Superstars of Wrestling 5/5/1990

NOTE - This is partial. I have the DVD of it and I have to find it. Until I do, enjoy this! 

Last week's show is here:

Intercontinental Title Tournament - Mr. Perfect vs Superfly Jimmy Snuka

This is opening the show, which is odd. Jesse says Mr. Perfect is the favorite. Perfect goes after Snuka early and pays for it, getting chopped outside of the ring. Snuka knocks his head off the mat. Snuka then chops Perfect through the ropes to the outside, but he gets back in quick. Perfect gets a go-behind schoolboy for a 2 and they trade nearfalls. Snuka does a crossbody from the 2nd rope but Perfect rolls through. This is quite fast and good so far. Perfect tries to knock Snuka's head off the turnbuckle to no effect, or as Jesse says "the buckle gets the worst end of it". Snuka chases and Perfect begs off. Perfect takes more chops from Snuka and botches a roll-up with his feet on the ropes to win it. He ended up flipping over from it. Snuka tries to explain to the official who questions Perfect. Snuka then headbutts Perfect out of the ring as Perfect heads to the back. Quick and fun match with Perfect bumping big.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund
Gene Okerlund shills Hulk vitamins and covers Andre turning on Heenan at WM6. Heenan says Andre stabbed him in the back and he's gonna slap him in the face again if he tries to come back.

The Rockers vs Chris Duffy and Al Polic

MJ crisscrosses with his opponent early and The Rockers sloppily counter a double team by the jobbers before knocking them out of the ring with dropkicks. Fuji and the Orient Express do an inset and promise to make the Rockers squeal and suffer. Jannetty hits a high standing dropkick on Polic. Shawn nails a nice high knee on Duffy and suplexes him down. Jesse rightfully complains about this saying they are punishing these guys excessively, and he's right. Shawn clotheslines Duffy over the top and goes with him, but then skins the cat back in. Duffy grabs the top rope from the inside with Shawn on the outside, and Shawn whips him right over the top to the floor. The Rockers then hit the double fist drop for the win. A rough squash here, but it had its highlights.

WWF Event Center with Sean Mooney

The Barbarian talks and says they  watching Snuka and they know his weaknesses. Heenan says when Snuka goes through the air, Barb will catch him.
The Bushwhackers said Rhythm and Blues will see that no one bushwhacks better than they do. They said they don't want R&B's gold, they want lots of red. They said they won't be using instruments, but their fists.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs "Playboy" Buddy Rose

Buddy was so much better than this. A sad end for one of the GOAT's. Jesse said Buddy should get Martel's Arrogance and see if he could get a woman. Rose slaps Jake lightly and Rose puts up his knee when Jake charges in. Buddy hits a second rope splash for a 2. Buddy does a running elbow but misses. Jake hits some good punches and then slaps Rose back. Jake does the short arm clothesline and then finishes Rose off with the DDT in quick fashion, with Jake pinning him in a dominating stance.

Jake goes for the snake when Bad News Brown starts calling for Jake. Bad News said Jake put a rubber snake in his birthday gift and ruined his celebration. He said if he ever gets his hands on Jake, he's going to wish he was never born. Jake says Brown can't take a joke and dares him to come down with him and Damien. Brown says he isn't afraid and says he is coming down. He heads down but pauses and Jake says Brown is yellow. Brown asks for Jake to remove the snake and Jake says if Brown won't come up there, they will come down there. Brown then ran. Brown was robbed here. He had his party ruined then was painted as yellow for not wanting a piece of Jake and the snake.

WWF Event Center with Sean Mooney
The Warrior says his little warriors ran towards the edges of the universe and didn't question his reasons for travelling down that path. Warrior says he sees a graveyard fulled with memories of Rude, alluding to their past matches. Warrior says Rude will be eaten alive as he walks with the World Title, just as Rude was when he was the IC champ.

Rhythm and Blues vs Dennis Miller & Tony Ulysses

They come out to "Hunka Hunka Honky Love", a classic if I do say so myself. Vince says the people didn't care for their concert at Mania 6. Valentine says the only gold the Bushwhackers have is in their teeth(while they showed the "Hunka Hunka Honky Love" gold record). And Honky says because they spoiled their WM6 concert, they will knock the remaining teeth out. Jesse said he didn't know Luke and Butch had teeth to begin with. Valentine blindsides Ulysses and Ulysses takes a double elbow and backdrop for a quick loss. Vince says Honky looks like the younger Elvis and Greg looks like the older Elvis. R&B tries to sing their theme but you couldn't hear them.

(Note - This is the part that got cut from what's floating online of this. I do have it, I just have to find it)
We get a brawl between Savage/Sherri and Dusty/Sapphire. Savage and Sherri wreck them and Savage and Sherri make Sapphire kiss Savage's foot before Dusty breaks it up, while Sapphire was in the camel clutch.

We go to a promo with Dusty/Sapphire. Dusty said he knew what had to be done. Dusty said Liz is the American Dream.

Jim Duggan vs The Brooklyn Brawler
Duggan did an inset but there were sound issues and we couldn't hear. Jesse says Duggan is the dumbest man on earth. Brawler gets out of the ring and he gets the edge on Duggan before being sent into the post. Duggan hits a clothesline on him then slams him. Jesse said "if brains were dynamite, Duggan couldn't blow his nose". Duggan hits the 3 point stance and wins this quick.

We then get a preview for next week with Beefcake vs Bravo. Bravo says no one can match his strength. Brutus says he's gonna put Bravo to sleep and strut his way to the IC Title.

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