Sunday, April 7, 2019

WWE Wrestlemania 35

WWE Wrestlemania 35

Pat McAfee called Edge "Edger" and Edger called the ugly guy "Krusty". And Pat's wearing shorts. Love this guy.

Pre-show: Tony Neese vs Buddy Murphy - Sorry, I am over these flippy matches. They flipped and did flippy stuff. There were 1500 other matches like this this weekend.

Women's Battle Royale
Sarah Logan looked like she had this won then Carmella sneaked out from nowhere. Asuka was the featured wrestler in this and made it a lot better. This wasn't bad, especially for a WWE women's battle royale and I attribute that to Asuka.

JBL said in 20 years, no one will think about gender when talking about the first women's main event at Mania. Wut?

Revival vs Hawkins and Ryder - I liked this. It did exactly what it was supposed to and gave you enough time to really care.

ARMBAR - It sucks to be Braun. Dude should have been in the main before and should be in the main tonight and instead he is fooling around here. Did him and Vince have a bad breakup or something?

Their version of America the Beautiful was one of the worst I've ever heard.

Alexa and Hulk came out and posed. That was cute.

Brock vs Rollins - Yep this was first. I can buy the idea Brock wanted to go on first so he could go hunt sooner. Seth got sent first class to suplex city getting absolutely rekt by taking tons of germans before getting a comeback out of nowhere. Seth hit triple curbstomps and won. The crowd was into it and it was pretty fun.

AJ Styles vs Randy Orton - REGGIE ORTON. I swear I heard this.
When I run a promotion someday, we will have a million of those floating graphics. This was alright but I was over Randy Orton matches like a decade ago. He is the most overrated and overpushed main eventer ever.

4-Way Tag Match
Why are Nak and Rusev teaming up? This dude needs to get out WWE before it's too late.
The Uso's won here. Pretty much your rushed indy match with everyone doing every highspot they can. It was entertaining but a filler match.

Shane vs Miz - I really did not want to watch this, but what I did see, they seriously beat the crap out of each other and Shane almost died off the golf cart. They seriously went out for this but this spot really should have went to someone else.

As for the rest of the show, the HHH spot with pulling out Batista's nose ring didn't really work. Cena's return to rapping made little sense. Didn't really care for the Reign's thing and Balor's match had a cool entrance but was very short. Kurt had one of the worst retirements ever. They gave away Kofi's title win. The women's main event was fine, but we all know why they were the main event.

This was a really weird show and was too long at over 7 hours. I felt like there was a lot of subtle and not so subtle messages being pushed here throughout the show and I'm not sure that I'm the group that they were targeted for. I didn't enjoy the show and I felt like a moron for clearing out my schedule to watch it.

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