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Wrestlemania Weekend Day 3 Catch-All Post

Wrestlemania Weekend Day 3 Catch-All Post

Note - I do have other things to do today sadly, but I'll do the best I can. The plan on paper is to check out the Orange Cassidy show, New Japan/ROH and we'll see what happens in between and after.

Note 2 - I have also updated Wrestlemania Weekend Day 2 as of 2:30PM on 4/6/19 with Joey Janela's Spring Break Part 1.

Pro Wrestling Revolver: Pancakes and Piledrivers 3

At this moment, the show is already 30 minutes late. Really curious if this even starts before the Orange Cassidy show.

Jimmy Jacobs came out and then the show's feed stopped for about 5 minutes.

Moose vs Brian Cage vs David Starr -  Rushed match with them playing the little guy vs big angle here. This was only about 10 minutes tops and the big guys bumped like the little guy, of course. Nothing special but fine for what it was I guess.

That looks like all we can squeeze in here before the next show.

GCW Orange Cassidy Is Doing Something or Whatever, Who Knows??? 

I know this is going to be goofy and weird and that's why I'm here. The show is ON TIME.

Lumberjack Swamp Monster Match: Shotzi Blackheart vs. Saraya Knight vs. Allie Kat vs. Kris Statlander - The ring is surrounded by people in swamp monster costumes. The winner is crowned "Queen of the Swamp". Kat works a cat gimmick, quite literally. She scratches people and wants people to pay her on the head. She also makes cat sounds while doing so here.  Kat and Shotzi were the last survivors with Kat getting the win. This really was not good with light work and comedy. I guess the finish was okay, but that's about it. The crowd liked it though.

Best 7-out-of-13 Falls Match: Logan Easton LaRoux vs. Chris Brookes - LaRoux comes out with a scarf which I haven't seen since Martel. Brookes low blowed LaRoux early to give him the 1st fall. His sidekick did it again and Laroux went up 2-0. LaRoux tapped out soon after in seconds to the abdominal stretch to go 2-1. Brookes reversed a sunset flip for a fall, then his opponent and him did it multiple times back and forth to get multiple falls in seconds. They stopped at 6-6. Brooks' 2nd put a mask on the ref blinding him, and then when we he went for the pin the ref missed the count because of the mask. They did uh some stuff and then Brooks got a roll up for the win. That was uh something alright and not what I had expected. Comedy people would probably like it.

The 3rd Annual Jansport Invitational Scramble: Sonny Defarge vs. Tony Deppen vs. Jigsaw vs. Lucky 13 vs. Jake Atlas vs. Air Wolf vs. Dan Champion - Winner gets a $15 certificate to Friendly's. Busting out the big purses for this one! Jigsaw wears blue now. Jake Atlas can do some serious flips and athletics. Tony Deppen has definitely bent over for a guy at some point in time. Air Wolf did a cool backflip kick into a moonsault to the outside. Dan Champion kind of comes across as Special Ed.We had a big 3rd row tope and Atlas really stole the show. One of the guys took a double hiptoss into the 3rd row which was cool and Jigsaw picked up the victory. This went way too long but it had some fun to it.

5 O’Clock Somewhere Last Person Standing Match: Nate Webb vs “Session Moth” Martina - They have to drink a beer every 30 seconds. Nate Webb is still alive. They turned down the music some and the crowd sang Teenage Dirtbag which was great. The ref and the announcer go in on this and this was pretty awesome. Moth danced with a fan which was cool, and the ref and the announcer. We had a drunk Frye/Takayama spot. They did a bunch of falling over spots with the beer, spit it in each other's faces and every 30 seconds had to be stopped to drink. They flicked each other off and spit beers in each other faces before falling down and double pinning each other to end the match. The announcer said "everybody wins". It was entertaining, just you have to accept that this is a bs comedy show not meant to be taken seriously.

Nova Dodgeball 10-Person Pick ’em Tag Team Match: Team Veda Scott vs. Team Faye Jackson (Eligible Wrestlers: Red Eagle, Wheeler YUTA, MJF, Jeff Cannonball, Terra Calaway, Arik Royal, Daniel Makabe, Shazza McKenzie & Sage Phillips) - MJF didn't get picked and took the balls. They said they would have to have a wrestling match and the crowd chanted "wrestling sucks". They also chanted for "Dodgeballmania". This was all nonsense and comedy and I didn't really bother paying attention. I wanted to see dodgeball.

They had a secret giveaway and the prize was pieces of the Swamp Monster's hair.

Teddy Hart’s Reading Rainbow (featuring Mr. Velvet & Caspian) - MR. MONEY is in the house.

Teddy is having the time of his life here.

We got a "read forever" chant as Teddy read a cat book. We then got a "one more book" chant. Teddy said "I can't read, that's all I can remember from this book" LOL

Jonathan Gresham vs. Shinjiro Otani
Not really the show for this. Otani facewashed two photographers who were in the corner. The match was fine, just they were clearly in a hurry and really didn't get to build or take it slow. Gresham looked like a child compared to Otani, who isn't that big. Otani tried to stand in the corner to pose and slipped. Otani got the win here with a spinning Liger Bomb.

Chuck Taylor vs. Trent Baretta (1-Minute Time Limit) 
 The time limit elapsed as they finally locked up. The crowd chanted for 1 more minute, while the ref asked for 5 more seconds. Trent rolled him up and went over the time limit but Bryce fast counted it for the win.
Chuck and Trent tried to fight while the crowd chanted "please don't fight" and "hug it out".

Yuletide Deathmatch: UltraMantis Black vs. Nick Gage -

Nick Gage got the win with a chokeslam like move onto his knee. The match was fine, but it doesn't really make sense to do a deathmatch on a comedy show. There's no real way to explain it without breaking kayfabe or I don't even know. The big spots here were a suplex through a board with ornaments, tack spots and a splash with a christmas tree in between. There was nothing wrong with it and it was even good to a degree, just why on a deathmatch show.

MJF came out to confront Cassidy and complain about him not getting in on the dodgeball game. Gage and Black cleared him out and posed with Orange to close the show.
Overall thoughts: This was something different, that's for sure. I certainly haven't seen anything like it. The crowd liked it, but I'm kind of speechless on how to even react to this.

ROH/NJPW Supershow in MSG 4/6/19

Honor Rumble

Kenny King won the Rumble. He hid on the outside and then eliminated Muta and Liger when they were the final two. I never love these Rumbles, but seeing the legends like Haku, Muta and Liger was fun.

Will Opseray vs Jeff Cobb - Probably the best match I've seen of either guy. They didn't do too much and they actually built a little instead of doing everything they new immediately.

Dalton Castle vs Rush

This was over in seconds with multiple John Woo style dropkicks. Such a waste of both.

Dalton then turned on the boys after.

Juice Robinson was attacked in the back.

Mayu Iwatani vs Kelly Klein

Klein got the win here. Nothing special at all here and the crowd wasn't too into it. It's pretty obvious Klein isn't on Mayu's level.
The Beautiful People came out and then beat up Klein with Mandy Rose.

6-man nonsense - I don't know what this was about. This made ROH look low rent and took forever.

Bandido vs Taiji Ishimori vs Dragon Lee
A whole lot of flippin' going here. A super spotfest as expected with little logic or story. The big highlight here was Bandido putting both men up on the top and doing a moonsault bodyslam on both.

4 way tag match

The Guerillas of Destiny took the win here. PCO was freaking nuts here. He took a powerbomb from the ring to the floor and did a sent from the top onto the apron. Him and Brody completely stole the show and made this a lot better than expected. PCO also got electrocuted during an EPIC entrance.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Zack Sabre Jr

ZSJ won with his finishing submission hold. Not an amazing match but it was good. ZSJ worked the submissions and got the majority of the offense in. Not a ton of big spots or anything. I don't know if they got the time they should have here, especially since dumber stuff seemingly got hours.

Kota Ibushi vs Tetsuya Naito

Ibushi got the win here with his Kamago-ye. Good match. These two beat the crap out of each other. Not their best work and they didn't go all out, but I enjoyed it. big highlights here were the hurricanrana to the outside, the Ibushi punch/palm strike to Naito and Ibushi getting folded onto his neck. Naito was super over here.

Ladder Match - Jay Lethal vs Matt Taven vs Marty Scrull

Sorry, but I'm over ladder matches. I legit never want to see another one again. Everything has been done. It's old and tired. Atleast that Orange Cassidy bullshit was different.

Kazuchika Okada vs Jay White
Okada got the win near 35 minutes. This was not good. Little happened in the first 25 and the rest wasn't that great nor enough to make up for it. Jay White is just not interesting on offense.

Overall thoughts: A mixed bag show. Most of the NJPW stuff was good and most of the ROH stuff wasn't. There were atleast 3 matches that were way too long here while Rush/Dalton and Tana/Zack got very little time. The entrances were really nice all throughout. The crowd wasn't that great except for Naito.

Joey Janela's Spring Break 3 Part 2 4/7/2019
Jungle Boy vs Joey Janela  - JB got his stuff kicked in here, taking a super dumb stuff Emerald Flowsion on the apron. He has a great look and would seriously fit as a lost Simpson brother(from WCCW). JB did a couple of nice flips into the 2nd and 3rd row here. JB got the win with a standing double underhook in a surprise. JB's gonna be hurting this week after that.

I'm gonna call it a night here at 1AM on 4/7/19. 

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