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Stardom 4/21/2019 Osaka (Night Show)

Stardom 4/21/2019 Osaka (Night Show)
GLORY STARS 2019(夜)4月21日(日)

The 4/21 Osaka Day Show is here:

Queen's Quest - Bea Priestley and Leo Onozaki vs STARS - Starlight Kid and Saya Iida
Promos: Leo says this is her first tag with Bea. She says its her birthday and she wants to win as a present. Bea says QQ is the best and "QQ, ___ you" if you don't like it. Kid says its her first time teaming with Saya. Iida says she feels complicated and both says they will try their best.

Stars wants to shake to start but QQ says no. Iida and Leo pound each other in the chest with forearms to start. Leo nails a big one and downs Iida. Bea stomps on Iida's arm. Leo get in then back out and Bea puts the headlock on Iida. Bea puts her gum in Iida's mouth. Iida tries to strike with Bea but gets put down with a single shot. Kids comes in and hurricanrana's Bea then Bea and Kid botch a whip around. Kid cartwheels out of a double clothesline and then moonsaults on both after Leo helps her. Kid twirls around and tries to do a DDT, but Bea just hangs her there and then suplexes her. Kid hits a 619 then a neckbreaker into a bridge. Iida dropkicks Leo who powers back up. The two rookies exchange strikes and Leo kicks out of a dropkick. Kid does a turnaround DDT and Iida gets a 2.999 on a pin combination. Bea kicks a running Iida twice and Kid has to make the save. Bea jumps off the ropes and hits a double stomp to a standing Iida and then hits her walk up curbstomp for the win. It was fast paced and not bad at all. Bea looked pretty good here and Leo gets her birthday win.

Natsu Sumire vs Saki Kashima

Promos: Saki says this is their first match against each other in singles and Saki said she is annoyed because Natsu always sings her song. Natsu says welcome to Countdown TV and says her single "Emblem" has been released. She said she's going to sing it and says it is used for some slot machines.

Natsu is in the ring singing away and Arisa starts to come out then walks away. Andras is shown with a sign with the lyrics LOL Natsu continues to sing and Saki dropkicks her from behind ending the performance. Saki ties Natsu up in the ropes then dropkicks her. Saki grabs a mic while putting Natsu in the camel clutch, mocking her. Natsu then of course starts to sing again much to Saki's anger. Saki then hits her. Natsu gets the crowd clapping then starts to sing again before bronco bustering Saki. The ref gets distracted and Natsu hits Saki with her whip. Saki then grabs it and lights her up, before giving Natsu the whip back and selling. Natsu pushes the ref out and Natsu pours water on her face then pretends to cry. The ref throws her a towel then Saki just dropkicks her hard. Natsu shoves Saki into the ref and ends up spearing the ref low. Saki then charges into the corner and Natsu trips her, with Saki hitting the ref low. Natsu suplexes Saki and has her for the pin but the ref is down. Natsu tears down the ref and argues with him then Saki almost gets a fast count pin. Natsu then hits the ref lightly and Saki hits a double underhook for 2. Saki hits a top rope doublestomp for 2. Natsu low blows then whips Saki. The ref tries to stop it, then Natsu low blows him and hits Saki with the whip more. Saki wins by DQ. Natsu goes for another shot on Saki after the bell then Saki chases her down with the whip, going under the ring and out the stage. The match was all comedy but it was good comedy. They didn't break kayfabe or make anyone look stupid and it all made sense.

Oedo Tai - Hazuki and Natsuko Tora vs STARS - Arisa Hoshiki and Tam Nakano

Promos: Tora says Hazuki is her favorite person. Tora says she will try not to screw up and both say they will try their half-best. Arisa  says her opponents are annoying and she wants to make a good team with Tam. Tam says she sees a shooting star and gets off cam. Arisa says she is worried.

Botch, reverse Brazilian kick, or something else? We've been debating it online.
The finish

Tam loses her stuffed toy doing her entrance and gets it back. Arisa and Haz test strength early with Haz winning. Arisa hits a big drop kick then a thrust kick to send Tora off the apron. Tam and Arisa double kick Haz, then Tam kicks Arisa and suplexes her on top of Haz. She then stands on her. Arisa does the same thing back but Hazuki moves and Tam gets slammed. Atleast they fought about it after, because it makes no sense unless they don't like each other. But then why are they teaming? Arisa sends Haz down hard with a kick to the chest. Tam hands Haz by dragon sleepering her from the top. Tam hits another dragon sleeper and Tora tries to stop it, and we get a DDT + reverse DDT on both. Arisa lands some stiff shots on Haz, but only gets a 1. Haz grabs her by the hair and they unload some heavy shots. Arisa hits some kind of nasty boot to Haz's face and Tora gets in. Tam gets in too. Tam hits a very cool handstand rolling armbar on Tora. STARS hits some double kicks on Tora and Tam hits a nice german on her. STARS tries it again and almost nails each other, then Haz dropkicks them. Tora comes off the top for a 2. Tora throws Tam into the Oedo Tai sign and then hits a slam for the pin. Good match with quick stiff action, but I hated when the teammates hit each other for no reason.  After the match Arisa grabs Hazuki and Tora throws down Arisa. Arisa and Hazuki go face to face and Tam pulls on Tora's hair.

Oedo Tai - Kagetsu and Andras Miyagi vs Tokyo Cyber Squad - Hana Kimura and Rebel Kel

Promos: They say they are both tired and Hana's gonna let Kel do the work. OT just poses and nods at each other.

Kagetsu gets one of Mayu's armbands and throws it out to the crowd. Hana drops down when Andras goes to the ropes, so Andras goes to the other rope and dropkicks her. Kagetsu lights up Hana with some good kicks and Hana send her over the top with a yakuza kick. Hana hits Andras with the sign and Kagetsu is double teamed outside. Hana tries to pin Kage with her foot. Kel gets tripped then takes a quick boot to the face from Andras on the outside. Andras gets serious height on a missile dropkick. Hana hits some yakuza kicks which Andras sells with her hair whipping around. Hana and Andras yakuza each other. Kage reverses a Kel chokeslam into an armbar and then hits a low spear. Kage takes two falcon arrows but manages to kick out. Kel lifts Kage for a chokeslam but gets misted with something and Kage hits the 450 for the pin. Not the longest match but it had its highlights and was fun. Kel looked a lot better here than in other matches.
Andras taunts Hana after and they band their heads at the same time which makes Andras mad. She then runs to the back.

Bea Priestley comes out. She said Kagetsu wrestled Toni and Viper, but not her for the red belt. She asks if Kagetsu is afraid then she grabs the belt and says she is the top foreigner. She said she wants a title match and says to bow down to the queen. Kagetsu said the foreigners all come for her and said everyone wants the red belt. Kagetsu says OK and says she respects her and said she's been studying English. She offers a handshake then kicks Bea low. They scuffle and Kagetsu said Osaka is her home. Kagetsu calls her stupid and says she won't win the title.

Queen's Quest - AZM and Momo Watanabe vs Tokyo Cyber Squad - Jungle Kyona and Konami

Promos: Konami says her Triangle Lancer has 100% win percentage and said to f%$k QQ. Jungle said they want to f$%k QQ up. Jungle also said she wanted to tag with Konami and then hugs her, which Konami is grossed out by. Momo said she has mixed feelings about Konami.

QQ wants to shake, Konami says no. Kyona goes to, but it's too late. They do the usual feeling out early. Kyona gets rushed by both and Kyona sends Momo into AZM. TCS teams together and they send Kyona into both in the corner, with Konami cheering her on. Jung goes in the camel clutch and Momo kicks her. Momo chokes Jung in the corner with her foot then kicks her in a cocky manner. Momo/Jung trade shots with Momo winning then Jung takes down Momo with a shoulder. Konami comes in dropkicks Momo, then flying armbars her. She then hits the triangle lancer, which AZM breaks up, til Konami hits a double triangle lancer. Konami gives it up though for an unknown reason. Nami hits a real nice perfectplex on Momo and they trade kicks. Momo wins the exchange and AZM does a crossboyd off the top to Nami. TCS does a sunset flip/clothesline combo on AZM. Nami htis a nasty armbar on AZM, but AZM hits the ropes. AZM hits a flying octopus hold on Jungle and turns it into a pin for 2. Momo climbs the bottom rope and high kicks Jungle and AZM lands a top rope double footstomp on Jung. AZM hits La Mistic, but Nami stops it. Jung hits a top rope splash on AZM. AZM does a double jump splash but gets caught then swung around, which gets Jungle the win. This was a fast paced and good match. Didn't quite feel the Momo/Konami hate like I should have though which would have helped the story.

TCS did promos after. Jungle said she won in the main in Osaka for the first time in a long time. Kyona said she's gonna win the Cinderella Tournament and asked Rossy to order a plus size dress. Konami said she's going up against Momoa in the first round and said Konami determines the winner. Konami then flicks off Momo, who returns it. Jung says she's kind and wants to stay that way, as wrestlers are both gentle and strong. Jung says she's not below Hana in TCS and Hana says its ok. They haven't really expressed that so far if its the case. TCS does their "Yes, Sir" pose to end the show.

Overall thoughts: This was a good one and much better than the day show. All of the matches were at least decent and Natsu's match was one of the better comedy matches you'll see.

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