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Stardom 4/13/2019 Glory Stars 2019

Stardom 4/13/2019 Glory Stars 2019

The 2019 Stardom Draft is the day after this show and a lot of the promos mention it.

I included many pictures from various people who went to the show. All credit goes to them.

The building

A ticket to the show

Starlight Kid vs Saki Kashima 

Both are members of the STARS faction.
 Kid says she knows her well and wants to defeat her senior.
Kashima said she had trouble keeping up with Kid's energy, but won't be caught off guard. She said they know each other well.

The finish

Saki Kashima beat Starlight Kid when she reversed the Yoshi-tonic into a pinning combination. This was alright. Not a ton of story to it aside from Starlight being the underdog as always.

Hana Kimura vs Bea Priestley vs Rebel Kel

Kel said she's good friends with Hana Kimura and may work with her. Kel should make friends with Bea trade names with her. She looks like a Bea Priestley and Bea looks like a Rebel Kel.
Bea said she knows Hana and Bea may work together but said she has a good record and everyone will soon know Queen's Quest is the best.

The finish

Bea Priestley picked up the win here with her curbstomp finisher, which is kind of neat. This match was all about Hana trying to work with both girls before turning on them. A ton of temporary alliances here. There wasn't anything wrong with this and they kept it moving. I really liked the spot where Hana got help from Kel only to be backdropped. Hana also yelled "f&%k you" to both girls throughout the match.

Jungle Assault Nation - Jungle Kyona and Natsuko Tora vs STARS - Tam Nakano and Mayu Iwatani

I don't think it's possible to dislike Jungle Kyona. She has charisma, she hits hard and she's a pretty unique character overall. JAN was concerned about the draft and what may be ahead.
Tam talked about the draft and pretty much wrote a verbal love letter to Mayu. She said Mayu would be taking some time off soon and she was thankful to her. Mayu said it may be the last time they team together and Tam was NOT HAPPY that she even joked about that.

Jungle Kyona has the greatest music ever. Sounds like a zoo parading down your street with animal noises. Mayu's isn't bad either.

The finish
Tam Nakano got the win over Natsuko Tora with a tiger suplex. Nothing but action here. It never really stopped for the 20 minutes they had and they seriously kept it moving. Not that much story, but the match was still fine. Mayu took an awful bump on her neck off a lariat as seen above. Tam and Mayu are a fun team.

2/3 Falls - Queen's Quest's Masks vs Oedo Tai's Dance - Queen's Quest vs Oedo Tai

Oedo Tai is well known for their dance and the masks are worn throughout Stardom usually, but QQ always wears them.

Natsu didn't have a lot to say. Hazuki used to be a member of QQ and said the masks mess up their hair and said they are better without them.
Momo Watanabe talked for QQ and truly said nothing of note except that she would definitely pick her QQ partners in the draft. They didn't sell this stip at all when it should have been important.

Kagetsu grabs the first fall by submitting Momo

AZM grabs the second fall in just minutes with a deep armbar

The finish

Queen's Quest beat Oedo Tai 2 falls to 1 when Momo Watanabe submitted Kagetsu with the cross face chicken wing. Fast paced all-action match here. I enjoyed it, but I didn't think they really sold the stipulation. I thought they really should have been at each other, determined not to lose their gimmick and going all out to stop it, but that didn't really happen here. While it was a good match, it was just a normal match and didn't feel too out of the ordinary. Momo's strike exchange with Hazuki was probably my favorite part of the match here. Sadly the mist didn't mean too much.

Momo offered Oedo Tai one last chance to dance, but they said no since they lost. Momo closed the show talking about the draft.

Overall thoughts: Good show. Fast paced action all throughout and lots of good hype for the draft the next day. None of the matches were bad but I thought the situation with OT losing their dance should have been taken more seriously.

Pics from after the show:

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