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Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling 4/16/2019

Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling 4/16/2019

センダイガールズプロレスリング 後楽園ホール大会 2019年04月16日

Mikoto Shindo and KAORU vs Mei Suruga and Ryo Mizunami

We join this in progress with Mikoto and Suruga faking each other out. Kaoru comes in and kicks Suruga. Suruga rams Kaoru's head into the corner. Suruga does this stupid spot where she grabs Kaoru's arms and runs up the ropes then repeats it. Suruga and Ryo do a battering ram and Ryo spears down Kaoru. Ryo does machine gun chpps on Kaoru and they both do weak chops on their opponents. They then pose in the middle of the ring. Kaoru cartwheels through a double team move then her and her partner kick down their opponents. Kaoru hits Ryo with her weapon pretty much right in front of the ref and the ref don't care. Kaoru goes for a twisting swanton that misses. Mikoto gets some shots in on Ryo, Kaoru again blatantly nails Ryo with a board in front of the ref. Shindo gets suplexed on Ryo for 2. Then suddenly the stream here freezes up and won't load anymore and Ryo's team gets the win in a not good mostly comedy match.

Mika Iwata vs Yuu

The finish

Basic stuff to start with Iwata going down on a shoulder block. Yuu lifts her and chops her with the other hand, downing her. Mika hits some running kicks. Yuu does a cool spinning side slam. She then reverse Karelin Lift's her into a slam. They forearm each other in the chest and Yuu wins the exchange. Iwata does a side superkick. They try a roll-through bouncing off the ropes, but Yuu's too big for Mika. Yuu catches a kick and just dumps her. Mika and Yuu trade kick for chop. Yuu's chops are too slow. Mika hits a big high kick then gets thrown down hard. Yuu throws Mika down hard again and they do a sloppy last ride into an armbar. Iwata then lifts and slams down Mika. Mika blocks a throw, then Yuu ducks a high kick so Mika throws it the other way(see gif). Mika then runs up the ropes and hits Yuu with an enzugiri to win it. This match was just off. Yuu didn't hit hard or fast enough on her strikes and they just couldn't work together for some reason despite both girls being good.

Millie McKenzie vs Manami

Manami rushes Millie with a nice dropkick then takes her down and hits a nice headlock. They do some basic holds on the mat and Manami is stretched with feet in the back and her arms out. Millie hits a slam and a spinning neckbreaker. Millie goes for a suplex but Manami rolls it through into a cradle. Manami tries more cradles for 2. Manami stretches her again and hits cattle mutilation. Manami hits a cool pin combination for 2(see gif), then more dropkicks. Millie hits a suprise spear then wins it. This wasn't bad at all and had a ton of wrestling. Manami is seriously a beast on the mat and is absolutely going to be something if she stays with it. This girl can flat out wrestle.

DASH Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Killer Kelly and Hikaru Shida

Shida kips up early after a shoulderblock, but kind of botches it then hurricanrana's Hiroyo. Shida rushes in and see's Hiroyo's boot then just freezes to save herself. Kelly hits a weak kick then gets caught in a straight ankle hold. Kelly does a cool handstand out of it while kicking Dash in the face. Kelly then hits a nasty step kick. Dash and Hiroyo do a double team dropkick sequence and we get a jumpcut, with something being edited out. Kelly catches both of Hiroyo's arms, headbutts her then sends her overhead before doing a running dropkick. Kelly then randomly starts selling hard and does a hot tag. How much did they seriously cut here? Hiroyo gets put on the 2nd rope and Shida suplexes Dash into her. To be honest, this is not good so far. Shida tries a hurricanrana but gets caught and put in a high boston crab. Hiroyo does a vader bomb only drops with her knees and Dash hits a top rope dropkick then a shining wizard for a 2. Shida hits some big knees but only gets a 2. Kelly throws Dash overhead like an exploder. She puts her on the top and does a hanging dragon sleeper, then dropkicks her as she hands from the top. Dash is standing on the floor outside and both of her opponents try to kick her with running apron kicks, but they miss and hit each other. Hiroyo puts Dash on her shoulders and throws her outside on her opponents. Dash does a cool pendulum corner dropkick(see gif). Dash gets superplexed by Shida, then running kick'd by Kelly. Dash throws wild shots at Kelly, but dashes in and gets hit with a step kick. Dash takes a high kick and a shotgun knee then a delayed fisherman's for 2. Dash hits a weak assisted dropkick from Hiroyo. Then they plant both their opponents with a top rope stomp and powerbomb at the exact same time. It made a really cool sound and looked neat. Dash then hits a splash from the top and wins it. Not a good match. It had no flow or structure whatsoever and it was nothing but spots and moves. The crowd also really wasn't into it and just nothing about this clicked.

Chihiro Hashimoto vs Jordynne Grace
I legitimately despise Grace and do not want to watch her, but I want to see Hashimoto. This is probably the first and last time I will ever review this woman on my site.

The finish

They feel each other out to start.  They do a test of strength which Hash wins. They do a shoulder block power battle which Grace wins. Grace's outfit is disturbing. Hash does a cool little go under into a crossface that I gif'd. There's a cool slide under the ropes into a facedrop on the apron spot that I gif'd. Hash does a running flip senton. Hash takes a sunset flip powerbomb, but there is way too much skin for me to gif that. Hash takes front and back lariats then a spinebuster. Grace goes to the top and gets caught and then delayed german'd. Hash hits a weak lariat then takes a stronger one. They do an interesting strike exchange and Grace botches a slam. Has gets out of a muscle buster the nails Grace with a powerbomb that I don't want to gif because of her tights. Hash then hits a slow german for the win.  I'm not sure how I felt about this one. The girls had some issues lifting each other to be frank and I didn't see a lot of fire or emotion out there. I also didn't really think they played up their sizes like they should have.

Meiko Satomura vs Sareee

The finish

They test strength to start and Meiko traps Sareee's leg. Meiko kicks down Sareee. Then Sareee does a run up the ropes armdrag. Sareee then does a single leg dropkick to Meiko's face and kicks her. Sareee hits an indian deathlock then 2 stomps. Meiko wraps her leg around her from a standing position then back kicks her(see gif). Meiko lays out some hard leg kicks and does a rolling reverse figure four. They trade some hard chest forearms and Sareee hits two good dropkicks to the face. This is already a good match. Sareee takes a high backdrop and more hard hard kicks, before taking another hard flurry. Meiko hits a nice running spin kick then a NASTY rolling kick to the head. Sareee rolls out after that and Meiko sends her back in. Sareee tries to come back, but Meiko trips her then drops knees on her from the handstand position. She hits a nasty armbar while sitting on top of her that Sareee hits the ropes to get out of. Sareee gets a comeback with a dropkick from the middle rope and then top rope, then takes a bicycle kick on a 3rd, but the camera's don't catch it much. Sareee takes another backdrop and another hard chest kick. Sareee fires back with hard shots, but gets sent back down. Meiko takes a NASTY spinning thrust kick to the face, but doesn't sell it and nails Sareee with a high kick. Meiko then hits a death dallvey bomb and Saree hits a DISGUSTING uranage on Meiko's head. Meiko hits her cartwheel kick then they do a nasty strike exchange. Meiko takes two hard uranage's and Sareee wins in an upset! Great match. Easily my favorite match of the year so far(though admittedly, I haven't seen that much). These two just beat the snot out of each other with some of the nastiest shots I've seen in a long time. No real logic problems, though I didn't like the no sell on the spinning thrust kick. Definitely a must see match.

Overall thoughts: The main event is must see, but everything else was up and down. The tag and the Iwata/Yuu match just didn't work and the opener was comedy crap. Grace/Hashimoto was missing something as well when it should have been a rare match between two big girls.

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