Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Lucha Libre Estrella Fiesta 3/14/2019

Lucha Libre Estrella Fiesta 3/14/2019
ルチャ・リブレの祭典「LUCHA LIBRE ESTRELLA FIESTA~エストレージャ・フィエスタ~」<試合結果>3.14(木)後楽園ホール

Dick Togo, El Hijo del Pantera & Hanzo Nakajima vs. Andy Wu, Kendo & Takeda

I didn't even recognize poor Hanzo Nakajima here. The star design really threw me off.

The finish

Kendo got the win for his team with a catapult into a submission. This was a legends match. It wasn't supposed to be super serious or anything and was just for some people to relive the good times and do some of their old spots. Yeah, Kendo and Takeda may not move like they used to, but no one does and they still did a decent job. I do wish Hanzo Nakajima would have gotten a chance to shine a little though. He was always underrated and underappreciated.

El Hijo del Santo, Shiryu & Ultimo Dragon vs. Diamante, Fuerza Guerrera & Silver King

Santo got the win here for his team. Again, these guys are older and this is more nostalgia than anything. Santo and Dragon still move pretty well. This went over 20 minutes with the heels doing the usual rudo stuff in super slow motion. They ripped off Ultimo's mask and Santo came for the save above giving him a Santo/Dragon combo mask. Shiryu didn't really get to do any of his trademark moves which was disappointing. This went too long.

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