Friday, April 5, 2019

Wrestlemania Weekend Day 1 - GCW Bloodsport 4/4/2019, DDT Coming to America 4/4/2019 and AIW 4/4/2019 Catch-All Review

Wrestlemania Weekend Day 1 - GCW Bloodsport 4/4/2019, DDT Coming to America 4/4/2019  and AIW 4/4/2019 Catch-All Review

I wanted to do a brief write up here before I forgot. I was trying to multi-task here. It should be noted that a lot of these matches were short and sweet because everyone is working a million shows and trying to get all around the city.

DDT Coming to America 4/5/2019

I enjoyed this show a lot more than I thought I would. I've become pretty anti any type of comedy wrestling, but complaining about comedy at a DDT show is like complaining about there being wrestling fans at a wrestling show.

It went by pretty quick with only the main really going long. The insanity started from the beginning with Saki Akai losing the title during the announcements. The guy with the blonde hair who kicks looked pretty good in the opening tag. The Royal Rumble was the expected insanity and the weapons match with the plastic boxes and legos was all DDT all the way. Maki Ito looked good out there in the women's match and even though I wasn't totally into the main, a lot happened with people losing titles afterwards. The less said about the Joey Ryan match the better and I assure you, I will never be reviewing a match of his here again.

Someone in the chat also deemed Takeshita as "Take-a-shit-a"", which was epic.

GCW Bloodsport 4/4/2019

One of the best shows I've seen in years. I may review this in full at a later date, but Takeda's match was probably my favorite match of the year so far. I didn't like Barnett/Suzuki that much, but it was alright. Andy Williams is what every wrestler should look like. I was disappointed by the shortness of Severn/Mir. I saw a little of the Davey Boy match and I liked what I saw

AIW 4/4/2019

I caught the Nick Gage match. I liked it. Some nice classic brawling in there and atleast it felt like a fight between men. Hornswoggle vs Steiner was worked almost perfectly with Steiner playing a song about short people to harass Swoggle before the match then taking every shortcut possible to beat him up. Swoggle got some hope spots in and they made the right call in having Steiner win. Gotta give it to both guys for pulling that off, because it required actual thinking and logic, which they pulled off.

Impact United We Stand 4/4/2019

I only caught Ultimate X here. The production looked pretty bad.

Highspots Wrestlecon 4/4/2019

The show completely missed the Cavenario match. The stream came back on as it ended. Completely amateur. I saw some of Bandido/Osperay and shocker, they did flips. 

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