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Dragon Gate Glorious Gate 2019 3/7/2019

Dragon Gate Glorious Gate 2019 3/7/2019

Skipping the Stalker match.

Don Fuji, Gamma and Super Shisa vs R.E.D - Ben-K, Big R Shimizu and Takashi Yoshida

The heels just the other team at the bell and start to brawl and use weapons. Fuji grabs the chair and hits R with it, who then no sells it. Bad brawling as usual. R and Gamma have a bad shoulderblock battle. Gamma has gained some serious weight since the last time I saw him. Almost unrecognizable. Shisa and Yoshida then do some technical wrestling with Yoshida's tights being WAYYY too small. Shisa puts Yoshida in an armlock and keeps it up even after being slammed. R hits a shoulderblock from the top on Shisa and Fuji throws something at him to break up the pin. RED hits a couple drop moves on a downed Shisa. Shisa hits a rebound dropkick from the ropes. Fuji tags in and nails K wiht a lariat then Gamma gets in. He spits in Yoshida's face. RED beats up on Shisa with Yoshida hitting his top rope diving elbow on him. Fuji goes on a roll then kicks out of a lariat for 2. Yoshia hits another lariat then Fuji reverses the third into a pinning combination for the win. Better than I expected, but still not that great. I'm just not a fan of RED and think its a waste of K and R.

Dragon Kid vs Naruki Doi

Kid gets jumped early by Doi. DK hits a back armdrag. Doi whips him into the corner and DK jumps onto the apron. Doi just blasts him with an elbow to send him flying. Doi DDT's Kid on the hard Korakuen floor. Back in and Doi steps on Kid's foot then hits an abdominal stetch. Kid strikes Doi, who wipes it off and then hits a leg lift spinebuster(see gif). Doi just kind of stops Kid in his tracks every time in this match, and it really makes Kid look weak. Doi hits a scorpion deathdrop on Kid. Kid goes into the ropes and twirls aorund for a DDT. Kid goes for the Dragonrana, but gets caught and then he turns it into a crucifix pin for 2. Kid goes for a top rope hurricanrana, but Doi just powerbombs him. Kid takes a Doi Five's and then a reverse Gory Special drop. Doi argues with the ref, not paying attention and then takes a dragonrana. Kid diverts the ref's attention, then throws Kid into the ropes and kicks hin low then does a sliding kick to win. This could have been better, but this was about pushing how weak Kid is to Doi and they definitely got that story across loud and clear. Kid is just a natural opponent for people like Doi and Yoshino and works well with them.

Ryo Saito vs Takuya Sugawara

They feel each other out to start and have a chop battle which Suga wins. Suga works a headlock/sleeper, but Ryo hits the ropes. They exchange strikes and Ryo throws Suga overhead. Ryo goes for the cycling yahoo but Suga escapes it. Suga goes for the buckinghamdrop but Ryo gets out. Suga then hits a lariat for 2. Ryo goes to the top but Suga grabs the ref and puts him in front of him. Suga then hits Ryo over the head with a turnbuckle pad. Ryo hits a powerbomb and grabs a pad of his own, but the ref Yagi stops it. Suga sees Ryo coming at him and he puts the ref in front of him, and the ref gets nailed. Then Suga goes into Ryo but Ryo ducks in front of the ref. Suga sees it but belts the ref anyway and then stomps on him for the DQ. This wasn't any good and both of these two are shot and overweight.

Dragon Dia, Hiroshi Yamato & Mondai Ryu vs. MaxiMuM (Jason Lee, Kaito Ishida & Masato Yoshino)

 Yamato comes out in fur and lights singing. Dia and Lee do some lucha to start. They do some tags and the fast paced stuff continues. Dia does a standing moonsault on Kaito and Dia hits a sliding cross chop for 2. Dia eats some chops and throws some back in quick fashion at Lee when he gets tagged in. Dia gets beat up for a little bit more and goes to leapfrog but gets caught with a Yoshino dropkick. Dia finally gets a headscissors and gets out. Yamato and Ryu pick on Lee and he takes a running SSP from Dia after a suplex from Yamato. Kaito then tiger suplexes Dia for the win. Nothing special here. No real flow and it just didn't click.

Elimination Match - Mochizuki Dojo vs Natural Vibes vs R.E.D. vs Tribe Vanguard 

This is a 4 team, SIXTEEN PERSON tag match. Oh yes. This is under elimination rules.

Natural Vibes gets eliminated after this

Hyo gets pinned and Mochizuki Dojo is eliminated
The finish
Yamato got the win over Kanda.This really wasn't as good as previous matches like this. The previous matches were super high speed affairs with non-stop action. This wasn't the case here. They had 1v1v1 early, then they all brawled around the arena, and as usual, it wasn't great brawling. That ate up a lot of time and then they slowed it down some once that stopped. They did the comedy spot I showed you above where they launched the band into people's faces(which does tend to be used in these matches) and it just never got to the chaos you would want. I'm not even sure if they had all 4 teams go at it inside the ring at any point. I also didn't really like the elimination rules as the fun of this is having everyone in it, making big saves and extending the match. The match was also shorter than I thought it needed to be. They could have easily gotten an hour out of this, even under elimination rules. I'm sure the people who really like this style would still like it, but they had better in them. And I also didn't like MaxiMuM not being in this, since they are tailor made for this mayhem.

Overall thoughts: Not a great show. Really nothing much to see except the main and they've done better versions of the main. I feel like some of the old vets need to go in DG as well.

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