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Dragon Gate 4/10/2019 - The Gate of Passion

Dragon Gate 4/10/2019 - The Gate of Passion

Mochizuki Dojo(Masaaki Mochizuki and Hyo Watanabe) vs R.E.D.(Kazma Sakamoto and Yasushi Kanda)
Hyo tries the lucha spinaround into the hurracanrana and Kanda just sits him out with a sidewalk slam. Mochi hits some hard kicks early. Kanda and Hyo get in a heated forearm battle. Kazma lights him up though with some of his own. Kazma lariats Hyo over the top and Hyo catches himself in a standing position on the apron then does a springboard dropkick. Real cool. Hyo does a big flip dive to the outside. We get another Kanda/Hyo forearm exchange and a kung fu like Mochi/Saka exchange, then Kyo hits a top rope cutter on Kanda. Hyo gets a cool surprise rollup out of nowhere on Kanda and takes it. Not bad at all and Hyo really stood out here. 

Maximum - Dragon Kid and Naruki Doi vs Maximum - Kaito Ishida and Masato Yoshino

Kid counters a snapmare with a capoeira style handspring out. Immediately from the start they go full speed. Yoshino is still the fastest wrestler but has definitely aged since I last saw him. Kid goes for a leapfrog and Yoshino hits a HUGE drop kick on him sending him down hard. Yoshino and Kaito feud. Kid unleashed some hard forearms on Kaito. Doi hits a big air flipping senton on Kaito which looked like it sucked. Kid hit a great spinning reverse figure four. DK hit a great Christo on Yoshino and then got planted with a powerbomb by him soon after. We got a fun Doi/Kaito chop battle and then Yoshino sent Kid flying with a missile dropkick + senton combo. Kid hit not a super hurricanrana, but a super duper hurricanrana as Kaito was on Doi's shoulders while on the top. Doi got the win here with the Bakatare Sliding Kick after an action packed finishing stretch where Kid blew the Dragonrana. Really fun non-stop match with tons of cool moves and highlights.

Big Ben (Ben-K and Big R Shimizu) vs R.E.D.(Eita and Takashi Ysohida)

They went at this right from the start by going into the crowd immediately. R and Yoshida did a shoulder block challenge in the stands with R winning. Big R kind of looks like if Hulk Hogan was Japanese and wore a Harlem Heat costume. Everyone here is wearing bright bright red and man is it distracting. Big R sends everyone flying with some big shoulder tackles and power moves. Eita took a nice backwards flip bump off of a missile dropkick and blocked a Big R dive with a giant double big foot. Eita was the star of the show here and reversed a chokeslam into a hurricanrana to grab the win.

Strong Machine F, Strong Machine G and Strong Machine J vs Genki Horiguchi, Kzy and Susumu Yokosuka

This is the return of the Machines with their original manager KY Wakamatsu. There is no way to tell these Machines apart. The Machines got the win here after a top rope bulldog + diving headbutt combo and a single underhook suplex. This was just your typical DG fast paced action here. Really nothing too special minus the diving headbutt which looked good. I'm really not sure if this gimmick will work out in DG or not since they do so much talking and personality based angles, but it will be great to stick some young guys under the hoods and get them experience.

Aagan Iisou - JET Takagi, Shuji Kondo, Takuya Sugawara, YASSHI and Toru Owashi vs Tribe Vanguard - UT, Kagetora, Yamato, Yusuke Santa Maria and KAI

This is Aagan's return as the 20th anniversay of DG. Yoshino also called for Ultimo Dragon to return as part of this. Jet looks great with his shaved face, perhaps better than ever and Sugawara does not. It's amazing how little some of these DG guys age. KAI must be a pain in the butt or something because he went from being seemingly the ace of AJPW to just floundering around. Yasshi blew pubes at his opponents. Big collision early with Yamato winning the shoulder block battle against Kondo. This is the first time I've ever seen Yusuke and it will likely be the last. Kai's body is all kinds of messed up. Yusuke legitimately ruined this whole match for me and I got out of it before it even ended after it was clear that this would be nothing nothing but Yusuke antics.

Yoshino called for Ultimo Dragon to return and Takuya called out Anthony W. Mori:

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