Sunday, April 21, 2019

All Japan Pro Wrestling Champion Carnival 2019 Catch-All

All Japan Pro Wrestling Champion Carnival 2019 Catch-All

This is a mix of stuff that I wanted to see from the CC, so I didn't have to view the stuff I didn't want to see. You would have to pay me to watch the other CC matches on Night 7.

Pics/gifs to come later!

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/11/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Night 6 - Dylan James vs Kento Miyahara
The ideal way to work this would be for Kento to screw around and use cheap stuff to get DJ upset until DJ destroys him for it. DJ pounds on Kento early then misses and nails the post.  Kento did his usual schtick with Wada here, refusing to break for the count. DJ pounds on Kento for a while with some good corner spears that Kento really sells. DJ hits the lariat on Kento in the corner, which was HUGE and knocked him down. Kento fires back with big strikes. Kento gets chokeslammed on the apron. They exchange strikes and Dylan nails a big one to put down Kento. DJ goes for the chokeslam and gets countered into a slooow  german. DJ lays waste to Kento with a big powerbomb and gets put down with a slow straightjacket german. It was an entertaining match, but like always, DJ lets too many moves be done to him when he really shouldn't leave his feet. I enjoyed this and both men were able to add their own styles into this. It's not must see though and they went a lot more even than you would have thought.

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/13/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Night 7  - Joel Redman vs Naoya Nomura
Redman won with the Fujiwara armbar here. By far his best match of the tournament and one of Nomura's better matches as well. He got full time to show all of his stuff here and he delivered, even getting some Redman chants. He even made Nonura look good as finally Nomura got to do something other than "get beat on for 10 minutes and then win". This was a really good pairing of styles here and I enjoyed it.

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/13/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Night 7  - Shuji Ishikawa vs Yuma Aoyagi 
This was big man vs little man stuff here with Ishikawa dominating. Ishikawa threw some decent bombs in there and really waffled him a few times with elbow strikes. Aoyagi did get a little in but he really just doesn't have the fire he needs to do the role he is doing. It was still one of his better performances so far though. Nothing too wrong with this match and it was a middle of the pack match so far.

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/20/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Night 12 - Suwama vs Joel Redman
They wrestled around to get a hold early which I liked. Redman spun out on the mat to get the first attack in. Redman traps Suwama with both his feet then Suwama lifts him in the scissors position. Redman tortures him for a bit and then gets rammed into the post backfirst outside. Redman does some good selling for Suwama and hits a flying european uppercut. They just kind of did stuff for the next few minutes with Suwama controlling until Redman got the suprise crucifix pin.

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/20/2019 - Champion Carnival Night 12 - Yuji Okabyashi vs Dylan James
A match between two of the big boys. A test of strength and a shoulderblock competition early on. The chopped each other for about 4 minutes with Yuji going down. Yuji hit a big spear and lifted DJ all the way up from his knees through a vertical suplex. More super hard chops. Yuji throws DJ over him and they exchange big lariats.  More chops. Yuji lariats DJ so hard he actually punches him in the eye and busts him open, swelling his eye. Yuji freight trains him twice again with big lariats. DJ rolls out for a bit after taking a big splash. Yuji bounces DJ off the mat with a powerbomb and they go the full 30 minute draw. This was mostly all chops and lariats which I didn't mind. I've seen a lot worse 30 minute matches and this held my attention for most of it. This wasn't really a great match or anything.

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