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All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/6/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 2

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/6/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 2

Day 1 is here -

Hoss Carnival 2019 continues! 

Daichi Hashimoto vs Joel Redman

Joel Redman is the former Oliver Grey, who hasn't been seen on the prowresblog since the Wyatt's injured him in 2013. He's still looking good and got better. Joel works a WoS style which is good to see back. Joel does multiple inner leg trips and then does a headstand on the top corner turnbuckle. Joel does a funky armhold, trapping Dai's under his head. Redman gets pushed over the top, then skins the cat and gets kicked back down by Baby Hash. Dai does shining wizards to the front and back to grab the win. Not a great or a fantastic match, but it was short and sweet and there was nothing bad about this. I think Redman can be something.

Dylan James vs Ryoji Sai

The bulls charge at each other and start exchanging strikes. They fight on the apron and James drops down and lariats Sai's leg out. Sai got DJ up for the worlds highest vertical suplex I've seen. They tease Sai trying to suplex DJ from the top rope to the outside with the announcer screaming. Sai ends up just superplexing him in. DJ tries for a chokeslam but fails then hits a HUGE lariat on Sai for the win. Slower paced match. I thought DJ took too much here and should never leave his feet. The tease for the superplex to the outside really got my imagination going, but thankfully, they both thought better about doing that. DJ really gives you a Warlord type of vibe. This could have been better.

Yuji Okabayashi vs Yuma Aoyagi

Yuma charges Oka early with a biiigggg dropkick. Yuji throws his shirt off like he was spiking a football and it's great. Cool jumping high knee by Yuma. Yuji sits way back on a boston crab while really selling it with his face. Yuji hits a big backdrop and a splash. Yuji hits a big powerslam then really stretches him with a fat nasty camel clutch to take this. Not too long but I thought this was a great showcase for Yuji, who is really developing a personality.

Atsushi Aoki vs Shuji Ishikawa
The size difference between these two is nuts. Shuji challenges him to test strength high, so Aoki challenges him low. Aoki gets him low then stomps his hand. Aoki gets him to chase and then runs on the apron. He tries a dive and gets caught and then sent into the post. Shuji gets him back in and steps on him. Shuji whips him hard into both corners knocking him down. Aoki gets up and tries to reverse a whip, only to get sent in and down from the corner again. I'd love a match where Shuji just whips his opponents to death into the corner until they can't get up, with nothing else. LOL Aoki tries to missile dropkick Shuji from the 2nd rope and just BOUNCES off the mat. Aoki makes a comeback but gets superplexed. Aoki gets a couple of kickouts before taking the big knee for the loss. I thought Shuji really should have just ran over Aoki here and I thought Aoki kicked out of too much.

Naoya Nomura vs Takashi Yoshida
They traded power shots early before Yoshida finally got his throat strike in. They then went to the outside and slowed it down. Long American style match here with the heel Yoshida beating up on babyface Nomura. Yoshida got a ton of offense in here but Nomura kicked out each time. Nomura got the win here with a death valley bomb. The females in the crowd really liked it, just a little too long with a predictable finish.

Gianni Valletta, Joe Doering, Sam Adonis & Yoshitatsu vs. Jake Lee, Kento Miyahara, Suwama & Zeus

Kento is super over with the ladies and gets caught posing. He goes for a big boot and nails his partner Suwama on the apron. Oops. Suwama grabs a lighting box and bring it in. Adonis gyrates and yells "sexy boy". Lee counters with "Noooo sexy boy". Suwama ended up accidentally kicking Kento later. Kento was tied up by Valletta and got out of it. Suwama was there and nailed Kento anyway with a lariat. Valletta got his chain and was rolled up in a quick and rushed house show match.

Overall thoughts: Not even in the same league as Day 1, but these are for house shows, not Korakuen. Completely skipable with a lot of rushed and unspecial matches.

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