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All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/13/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 7

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/13/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 7

Day 6 is here:

I didn't really want to see the missing CC matches from Day 7, but I felt I might as well. 

Gianni Valletta vs Ryoji Sai
The crowd yells along with GV. GV pulls his chain out and tries to use it before the ref takes it. GV hits a stretch muffler on Sai. GV puts Sai in a sloppy figure four around the post. They trade some strikes later on and GV hits a sloppy dragon screw. He then peels off Sai's kick pad and puts him in an ankle lock. GV grabs his chain and bites the top of Sai's head. They have a tug of war over it with GV at the top, then the chain goes flying out to the crowd somewhere. GV bites Sai's head more and Sai superplexes him. Sai hits running double knees in the corner and wins it. Not a good match as it had no real flow or story and there weren't any big highlights. I can't call it disappointing, because I had no expectations of it being good when I watched it.

Suwama vs Takashi Yoshida

They do a shoulderblock battle early with Yoshida winning it after a throat chop. Yoshida grabs his nose then slaps his other arm down on the arm holding it. They got to the outside and Suwama grabs a railing to hit him with. They brawl around a little and Suwama goes slowly over the railing after a clothesline. Yoshida bashes his head off a table and kicks a ring attendant. Suwama hits some forearms before taking a throat chop. Yoshida then puts him in the figure four. Suwama takes a bit more cheap offense then gets a lariat and a belly to belly for 2. They have a lariat battle, which Yoshida as usual cheats out of with a throat chop, but it continues on. Yoshida eventually wins it. Yoshida hits a splash mountain on Suwama and he didn't get much air on it. Suwama takes a top rope elbow but comes back with his running dropkick and a lariat that connected in the corner. He hits a painful looking german on Yoshida. Yoshida hit multiple throat chops and slapped his own chest with it which I didn't like. He comes in for a lariat and Suwama swats it down then hits a stalled hard german. Suwama hits another strong lariat for 2. Suwama his a backdrop for another 2 and they botch a last ride powerbomb. Suwama couldn't get him up for it properly. He then finishes off Yoshida with a backdrop hold. This wasn't as bad as it could have been and the ending portion was a bit good, but it was just a little better than average.

Joel Redman vs Naoya Nomura
Redman won with the Fujiwara armbar here. By far his best match of the tournament and one of Nomura's better matches as well. He got full time to show all of his stuff here and he delivered, even getting some Redman chants. He even made Nonura look good as finally Nomura got to do something other than "get beat on for 10 minutes and then win". This was a really good pairing of styles here and I enjoyed it.

Shuji Ishikawa vs Yuma Aoyagi

This was big man vs little man stuff here with Ishikawa dominating. Ishikawa threw some decent bombs in there and really waffled him a few times with elbow strikes. Aoyagi did get a little in but he really just doesn't have the fire he needs to do the role he is doing. It was still one of his better performances so far though. Nothing too wrong with this match and it was a middle of the pack match so far.

Overall thoughts: This was an average night of the Champion's Carnival. I wouldn't go out of your way to see this.

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