Monday, April 22, 2019

All Japan Pro Wrestling 12/18/2016 - The Big Guns(Zeus/Bodyguard) vs Magatsuki(Mashimo/Nagai)

All Japan Pro Wrestling 12/18/2016 - The Big Guns(Zeus and The Bodyguard) vs Magatsuki(Kengo Mashimo and Tank Nagai)

BG beats Nagai in the shoulderblock battle early. Magatsuki works Z's arm and he gets in a chop vs kick battle with Kengo before Kengo fujiwara's him. Z gets triangled and lift powerbombs Ken to get out of it.  BG gets in while Z heals his arm and his some bombs on Ken. BG wins the chop vs elbow battle with Ken bigtime and tags in Tank to take down BG. Tank hits the big senton on BG and BG runs through both with a big clothesline. Z lifts and throws Tank and hits a lariat with his hurt arm. BG bolo's Ken. Maga catches Z on the top rope and flips him onto BG on the mat. Tank misses big on a top rope senton and gets chokeslammed for it. Tank tries to spear Z and gets caught and jackhammered for the win. This was quick(under 10) and they didn't waste a second here. This was all action packed and I liked Zeus selling his arm throughout when others would have forgotten it. Good stuff.

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