Tuesday, February 26, 2019

WWF In Your House 4 10/22/1995 - Yokozuna vs Mabel

WWF In Your House 4 10/22/1995 - Yokozuna vs Mabel

They cut to a split screen with Yoko's crew, but didn't talk about much except questioning Cornette's loyalties.

The finish

This went to a double countout after 4 minutes. After the match, Cornette and Mo talked and they got the two to hug it out and pose together. I think there was some storyline going on with Cornette/Yoko/Mable, but I'm really not sure. The match started off with a stare down and then them slapping each other. They had a good strike exchange before Mabel went outside and stalled. Back in the ring they fought for a bit. Mabel missed a bulldog, but Yoko bumped to the outside anyway. Mo nailed Mr. Fuji and Yoko fell on Jim Cornette.

I have no idea what the booking was all about here, but the actual match itself wasn't too bad when they were wrestling. I think these two definitely would have had a good one in them if they kept it short and explosive. Yoko threw some good punches here and the crowd popped when they tried to squash the other. I'd be interested in a rematch.

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