Monday, February 18, 2019

WWF 10/5/1991 - The Rockers vs Power and Glory

WWF 10/5/1991 - The Rockers vs Power and Glory

"Get outta my face" - Roma

"Now I'm mad" - Hercules

The finish

The Rockers got the win after a failed chain shot on Roma. Good match here and one of the better WWF tags. I had already seen it leading up to this review, so I kind of knew what happened, but this is good stuff. The crowd is huge and definitely hyped for the match. The match is mostly the heels bumping around for the Rockers until they took back the match and Jannetty made the hot tag to Michaels leading up to the win. Roma mostly carried this on the heel side. He threw some great punches along with being cocky and doing a lot of stooging. I definitely recommend checking this out. It's really hard to not come out of this and think WWF really blew it with Power and Glory.

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