Friday, May 4, 2018

WWF 10/12/1985 - The Missing Link vs Paul Orndorff

WWF 10/12/1985 - The Missing Link vs Paul Orndorff

"How do you get a game plan going against a guy like The Missing Link?" - Jesse | "With this guy, you're not gonna know what's gonna work and what isn't." - Jesse
"Oh, The Link likes that. That's the wrong maneuver." - Gorilla

The finish
Paul Orndorff beat The Missing Link with a slow motion flying knee. The Link stuck to various head butts and head battering rams and Orndorff got the win out of nowhere when Hart got on the apron with the megaphone and The Link was confused, leading to the pin. This was only a few minutes long but it was really fun with a quicker than usual pace. Say what you will about The Missing Link, but there's no one who wrestles the way he does. You probably aren't getting a 5 star match out of him, but you will get something unique and that's important too. This was a fun match.

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