Sunday, April 8, 2018

Quick thoughts on NXT Takeover: New Orleans

I didn't see all of it, and maybe I won't, but I wanted to share what I did see.

The ladder match was good, but as usual, they did way too much and nearly killed themselves. Thought the wrong man won as Cole is already super over and doesn't need the belt while someone like a Lars needs an excuse to have 20+ minute matches for the next few months to fulfill his potential. I love Killian Dain, but he's definitely starting to give in to the indy crowds who want everyone to be doing cool moves, when he should be doing big lariats and hoss moves. I'm pretty sure the guys were also told to do whatever they have to do to injure EC3 as he took some pretty bad spots.

I hated the tag team match. The Roddy turn makes less sense the more you think about it and I always hate the trope of makeshift tag teams beating full-time tag teams. That trope undermines the whole tag team division and does nothing for anyone.

The women's match was better than I expected. I really loved Shayna in the MYC because she worked wrestling like scripted MMA, but they've clearly told her to cut that out and she's starting to work more pro wrestling style. It's a shame too as she immediately stuck out due to her MMA style. Really good performance though by her and I'm glad the WWE has some faith in her. But where is my girl Rhea Ripley? I totally think she could be Charlotte's main rival if they do it right.

I casually halfway watched some of Gargano/Ciampa. Any longtime readers of this blog know I hate Ciampa. Johnny was mega over. I thought they did too much and went on for too long, which is the new normal for wrestling, but I don't feel like I paid attention enough to get into it. I'm not sure what is next for Ciampa and Aleistar Black is the only guy I could really pair him with. The problem is that he just lost and shouldn't be getting a title shot.

Didn't see Black/Almas, but today's not over and we'll see what happens.

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