Tuesday, April 10, 2018

New Japan Pro Wrestling 3/12/1982 - Tiger Mask vs Black Man

New Japan Pro Wrestling 3/12/1982  - Tiger Mask vs Black Man

The finish

Tiger Mask beat Black Man with a german suplex. This was a pretty good match and really interesting. The match at its core was a technical match and clearly a match that was being presented as legit, yet they were will able to do cool athletic moves. While this wasn't picture perfect or clean, no real fight is, because people miss and stumble in reality, but getting people to accept that would definitely take some re-education.

Both men looked pretty good here. They both had really good athletic abilities and were able to suddenly burst out of nowhere. Both had that extra spring in their moves that you rarely ever see and even in 2018, they stick out as stars. Just imagine how this would have looked to people in 1982. Both would be absolutely huge if they were around today.

I think this match is a pretty good example of how you do high-flying athletic wrestling correctly and how the current generation totally fails at it. I really recommend checking this one out.

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