Sunday, April 22, 2018

All Japan Pro Wrestling - Jumbo Tsuruta vs Chris Taylor

All Japan Pro Wrestling - Jumbo Tsuruta vs Chris Taylor

Yay, a Chris Taylor match! There's always been really limited footage of him available and this is probably the first time I've seen him in a non-squash match. He was always kind of an enigma to me as he had the real life creds and size but he died only a few years after he started, so there's not much footage to go around.

Jumbo grabs the 1st fall with this at 11:20

2nd fall finish - The announcers call it the Flying Sausage LOL

Jumbo Tsuruta got the win 2 falls to 1 when in the last fall, both men fell out and Taylor didn't make it back in before the 10 count. It could have been worse but it could have been better.  Taylor might be a 10 in the real life credentials section, but he's a 0 in charisma and a 0 in striking. He had absolutely nothing personality wise and his strikes were so bad that I don't even think you could call some of them punches. He worked way too soft, when a guy his size doesn't even need to be real stiff to make things look good. Jumbo was younger here but fine. He could have been a little more fiery but he got a respectable match out of Taylor. The only true highlight here was the announcers calling Taylor's splash, "The Flying Sausage", which is one of the greatest move names I've ever heard. It's pretty clear why Taylor didn't make it and there's a reason he is completely forgotten in wrestling history. It's a shame too as I think a fat guy amateur wrestler is a trope that hasn't been explored and is something that really could work well if done right.

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