Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thoughts on NXT's Wargames match

Wargames isn't about pretty spots, flips and big moves.

It's about hate, animalistic instincts, survival and fights to the death.

The passion was just not here in this match. There was no tension at any point. No one was going after people. People weren't punching each other or trying to fight. There was no storyline. The crowd knew it too. The crowd only popped for big spots and went silent otherwise. Watch Wargames 1991. See how Pillman goes after Windham like a deranged dog. Watch Barry scream for mommy multiple times. Watch Sting use the cage as a cheese grater on Flair. See people bite and kick each other in the nuts. That's what wargames are about.

The pinfalls hurt it too. That's just not what wargames is about. It'd be like someone in a street fight trying to go to a draw or being defensive the whole time. You don't win wargames. No one wins wargames. Just one team is able to walk out on their own.

I also really hated how only 2 people could fight at any given time. There was so much laying around in this match. Watch Wargames 1991. You have atleast 3 fights going on at all times. They had 2 rings and they might as well have had 1. The cameras are supposed to miss shit. That's how a real fight goes. It's supposed to be chaos.

It was WWE's take on wargames. I've seen better wargames on the indies. It was spotty, not a war. It still wasn't that bad, but the spirit of Wargames was not there.

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