Tuesday, November 21, 2017

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2017 Night 2

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2017 Night 2

I've reviewed everything here but 2 matches.

Donovan Dijak vs Trevor Lee

Donovan Dijak beat Trevor Lee with a Feast Your Eyes. Dijak continues to be the most indy wrestler imaginable. A discus yakuza kick? That doesn't even make sense. Dijak spent most of this match twirling around like a ballerina while Lee was actually really decent. He played his heel role well and actually had some personality. You know the drill with PWG matches now - these matches are meant for highlight reels and little else, and that mostly describes how this match went.

Sammy Guevara vs Joey Janela

The finish
Sammy Guevara beat Joey Janela with a 630. This was highlight reel wrestling from the start. Lots of flash, very little substance. Tons of cool moves and spots, but not a lot else going for it. They even did a burning hammer on a chair, which naturally was only worth a 2 count. Guevara might have got messed up taking a top rope foot stomp.

Travis Banks vs Mark Haskins

Travis Banks got the win with a springboard turnaround enzugiri and a botched pin. Not sure what happened, but the ref counted 3 and no one expected it. Hasking may have been knocked out. The match was pretty much all kicks and was one of the less stupid matches of the weekend, but it was done between two bland and indy as indy could be guys and it didn't really catch my attention. The weekend so far has emphasized insane spots over everything else and there weren't many of those here, so neither I nor the crowd really knew how to react to it.

Sami Callihan vs Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb got the win with this swinging bodyslam. Crowd was totally not into this at all. Callihan is a weird worker and he's a tough fit for anyone. These two did a slow and power filled match. There was no real story behind it though and since they started doing big stuff immediately, it wasn't that exciting later on. One of the lesser offenders of the weekend, but as we've established, people on this show want big time spots and dangerous moves and they don't care otherwise. They really needed the crowd for this one and they just weren't there.

Keith Lee vs WALTER
My man Walter! That's why I'm reviewing these.

The finish

Keith Lee beat WALTER with an F-5 type of move. Not that great of a match. Walter wanted to do a big man heavyweight classic and I don't know what the hell Lee wanted to do here. He didn't do any of his more dangerous moves and didn't do any flips at all. This match really exposed Lee. He is absolutely awful at making it look like he is struggling out of moves and his selling wasn't good at all. Him and Walter also threw some of the worst slaps/chops I've seen in a long time near the end here. Walter tried, but Lee was just not here. The crowd was really forgiving and trying to make this a thing too.

The Elite - Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks vs Penta El Zero M, Flamita and Rey Fenix

Omega picked up the win for his team after a One Winged Angel at around 30 minutes. Surprisingly, this was a good match and I hate Omega. The crowd was seriously into it. The comedy and stupid stuff they did do all ended up with them paying for it by getting hit by opponents, so it somewhat made sense. The match really flowed well and had a mix of lucha, cool moves and some comedy. It was definitely not that far off from some of the 1990's Michinoku Pro tag team matches which were always a joy to watch. The timing was pretty good and they didn't do much botching, which helped it. The luchadores didn't really get that much in, but this was basically a house show party time main event and the crowd loved it. Overall, I thought it was well worked and it had a little something for everyone, plus they got the crowd involved multiple times. Rating:***1/2

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