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WWF Monday Night Raw 11/30/1998

WWF Monday Night Raw 11/30/1998

The ICP and the Headbangers came out.

They showed the ICP and the Headbangers turning on the Oddities and cutting Luna's hair from last week.
They showed Austin heading to the ring with a shovel.

Austin immediately cleared house.

"Buried Alive is 13 days away, but engh engh, Stone Cold ain't gonna wait that long." - Austin

"Before this night's over, Undertaker's gonna be wearin' this damn shovel upside his head and that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so."

"..tonight is it. It's the biggest night in the life of Mark Henry." - King
"They might be sold out, and if so, you may have to be forced with the selection of the recent retiree Hulk Hogan or the Stone Cold Steve Austin wannabe, Goldberg." - JR
"You seen The Undertaker anywhere?"- Austin | "Is this Stephanie?" - Me
The New Age Outlaws vs The Brood
"We gon' get jiggy with it?" - Road Dogg
"Last night on Sunday Night Heat, we saw a recruiting mission by the McMahon family." - Jim Ross

Gangrel mists Billy Gunn with something

Gangrel givin' Roadie the shoe leatha'
"What a powerbomb! You talk about being folded up like an accordion." - JR

The finish
Christian hit Billy Gunn with the belt for the DQ win for the New Age Outlaws. Match wasn't that long but it was entertaining for what it was.

The Corporation then came out and beat up The Brood.

"Push him! Push him!" - Paul Bearer
Austin was locked in the freezers by Taker.

Mark asked D'Lo to come along with him tonight.

"Austin's coolin' off now. He'll be a popsicle by the time Buried Alive comes around." - King
Taker said only Austin and Kane stand in his way and challenged Kane to come out.

"This is not about wins and losses. This is about eternal damnation here." - JR

Taker brought down psych ward nurses and Kane nailed a few before leaving. Paul Bearer had supposedly said something about taking Kane away.

Henry got D'Lo a tux and ordered a limo.

He then asked D'Lo to drive it.
"Get in the damn car now!" - D'Lo Brown
Chyna wasn't thrilled about this whole thing and ignored Mark already.
"D'Lo?" - Chyna

X-Pac vs

"Got a lil' somethin' somethin' to say." - X-Pac
X-Pac said to ask the NAO if you wanted to know about them and The Corporation.

"Shawn Michaels, come on down boy, cuz I'm gonna beat your ass and I ain't gonna use a chair." - X-Pac

"If I want any crap out of you, I'll pick it out of your teeth. I've had chunks of guys bigger than you in my stool." - Shawn Michaels
"Well how wide must your bunghole be then?" - X-Pac
"If you so much as look at me the wrong way, I'll send your ass to that money pit in Atlanta so fast, it'll make your head spin."
He made X-Pac vs Ken Shamrock for the European title tonight.
"Always remember, I made DX before DX was cool." - Shawn Michaels
"$1.99, Mark?" - Chyna

"Wait a minute, where's Austin?" - JR
Goldust vs Jeff Jarrett
Jarrett smashed a guitar over Goldust's head a few weeks prior and then they brawled.

"I am retired. I'm enjoying retirement, but I still like to come and see my friends." - Owen Hart

The finish
Goldust beat Jeff Jarrett by DQ when Owen Hart beat up Goldust. Weird match. Owen was supposedly retired and definitely not The Blue Blazer. Goldy went for the Shattered Dreams on JJ, but Debra got in the way and that's when Owen jumped in.

Steve Blackman then unmasked as The Blue Blazer and beat up Owen.

WWF Hardcore Title - Ladder Match - Mankind vs The Big Boss Man

Shawn Michaels immediately sent the JOB Squad back, while he went to the commentary booth.

Shawn was randomly scoring the moves at points. No idea why, other than him being known for ladder matches.

"It's not fair. Mick Foley's fightin' two guys." - JR

The Big Boss Man brought down the belt after help from The Rock to win the title. Not a great ladder match. Foley did bump well but neither one had that great of offense and it was about as far away from today's style of ladder match that you can get. Michaels didn't say that much of interest and Rock spent a good portion of the match beating up Mankind.

Taker tries to put Kane in a bodybag

"Get up ya bastard." - Austin

Duane Gill vs Marvelous Marc Mero
"If I can't beat that moron. If I can't beat that jobber, then this is the last time you're gonna see Marvelous Marc Mero." - Mero on Duane Guill

Gill brought out the local football team with him.

"Wait a minute, there's that Blue Meanie." - JR
The finish
Duane Gill got the win in a quick match after The Blue Meanie pushed Marc Mero off the top. Nothing interesting about this one.

"Duane Gill just retired Marc Mero." - JR
Mark said he wanted to dance with Chyna after dinner.

WWF European Title - X-Pac vs Ken Shamrock

"Kid had a chance at the World Wrestling Federation title last week. He didn't quite make the best of it, so now he's got to give one back." - HBK on why he made this match

"Wait a minute, there's Triple H1" - JR
Ken Shamrock won by DQ after Triple H jumped in, which was after The Big Bossman attacked X-Pac. All interference and stuff here but the match part wasn't bad at all. X-Pac continues to be one of the most fiery babyfaces on the show and really looks like the best worker a lot of weeks.

"He's all bagged and tagged. Load 'em up." - Paul Bearer
"Hey, how bout you and me get on the dance floor?" - Random dude | "Hey, how about you get lost?" - Chyna
Mark and Chyna then left after clearing house.

Val Venis vs Tiger Ali Singh
Val and the Godfather got into it with Singh last week, sparking this.

"From the continent of Asia..." - The announcer
Val implied he slept with Singh's girlfriend last night.
"And if he gets out of hand, I want you to spank that little monkey." - Venis to Godfather

"The ho's are comin' over here JR. Look at 'em! Wazzup!" - King | "I see 'em King, for god sakes. You're like a child sometimes." - JR "You're the kind of guy whowould notice that their's a horse under Lady Godiva." - King to JR

"King, maybe you better check on Babu." - JR

"Women are lucky. They don't have to worry about getting men pregnant." - King

Val Venis won by DQ when Terri low blowed him. As you may be noticing, this was also a short nothing match with a dirty finish.
The Acolytes then beat up Singh and Babu. The Jackal came down with them.

Paul Bearer waved off the truck with supposedly Kane in it, but as we saw, it was The Undertaker who was in it.

"What you're about to see is a lesson in humility." - Shane

"Sable is doing what she does best and that's modeling WWF products." - Shane
Shane shilled the cologne while Sable sprayed some in his mouth.

Al Snow vs The Rock

They dubbed over Rock's music with some lame generic beat.

"He coulda been the WWF champion much sooner than later." - JR | "How much sooner than he is now?" - King on The Rock

"Don't tell me that the Rock is gonna give the head the damn Corporate Elbow!" - JR

The finish
The Rock beat Al Snow after the ref got knocked out, The Corporation distracted Snow and he hit Snow with a Rock Bottom. Like everything else, this was short and filled with shenanigans. Mankind and The Job Squad then brawled with The Corporation.

 Austin and Kane then found Paul Bearer.

"How do you feel knowing that you're the one who sent The Undertaker to the damn crazy house?" - Austin

"You're a sick bastard and that's the bottom line." - Austin
 Austin teased doing various things to him before taking him out back and throwing him down a manhole.

Austin threw Paul Bearer into the manhole to end the show...or so we thought.

We got an "Extra Attitude" segment:

The Rock jumped Austin, but Austin stunner'd him twice.
Rock was then stunned for a 3rd and 4th time and Shane McMahon then took two of his own. Kind of a boring segment that hurt the Stunner, but no one saw it, so whatever.

Overall thoughts: Not as good as last week's show at all. The matches weren't anything special at all and most of them had dirty finishes. The Henry/Chyna stuff was funny and Austin was good all show. Too much Job Squad for my liking though.