Sunday, June 25, 2017

GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Review

Here are my thoughts on the GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling show, coming from someone who has reviewed a lot of GLOW on this blog:

I've watched a lot of of GLOW. GLOW was different. They went with the basic gist of wrestling, but instead skipped the athletic/sports part and made it more of a variety show like a Hee-Haw that just happened to be about wrestling. The work was never that good but girls really got how to play characters. Sometimes, they would dip too far in the realm of unbelievability and that would hurt the show.

The show really stuck true to old Glow. The KKK were Sara and Mable and then the Housewives, Brittanica was Lady Godiva, Lady Liberty was Americana, The Russian was Ninotchka, the Fortune Cookie was Little Fiji or Spanish Red, the black girls were the Soul Patrol and the bigger girl was of course Mt. Fiji. Surprised a Matilda character didn't make the cut, but the Viking was close.

The GLOW netflix show was much better than I expected. I expected some comedy mockumentary making fun of pro wrestling and it wasn't that. They represented the girls better than GLOW ever did and they represented wrestling well. I didn't feel embarrassed. I think they very likely went into a lot of the struggles the GLOW girls had to go through and I think they helped people understand what wrestling is all about. I wouldn't be ashamed to show this to people and I think it could lead to people getting into wrestling.

All in all, this was really well done and I'm proud of what they did. Netflix really hit it out of the park here, though I didn't appreciate the anti-republican sentiment, especially with Netflix's history.

They also clearly left the door open to a second season and I think there's tons of stuff they could do with it. Here's some storylines I would do in a second season:

- Someone gets injured bad

- Non-glow girl wrestlers get angry at what they are doing and take stand.

- One of the girls gets angry for some reason and exposes GLOW's fakeness to the media

- Something goes too far and they get kicked off air

- More trouble with sponsors and money

- A Vince knockoff starts poaching the GLOW girls

- Say Lady Liberty starts refusing to do jobs

And there's really a ton more things you could get into, so this show does have legs. You could even do a last season where people start to get old and move onto their normal lives and can't due to wrestling mileage and other stuff, which would really take the show into a new territory.

It's also sad that the writers and Netflix seem to understand what pro wrestling is better than anyone else in wrestling right now. Wrestling is so simple and yet everyone has to complicate it and be as bland as possible in the process.

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