Tuesday, June 27, 2017

FMW Battle Crush 4/1/1990 - Atsushi Onita vs Lee Gak Soo

FMW Battle Crush 4/1/1990 - Atsushi Onita vs Lee Gak Soo

I've wanted to watch this for years. I love early FMW with the mix of legit fighters and hardcore wrestlers. I also love odd style clashes and early UFC, so this is right up my alley. Lee Gak Soo is a taekwondo guy from Korea.

This is under a 3 minute rounds, 10 round format.

The finish

Atsushi Onita beat Lee Gak Soo with a thunderfire powerbomb in the 4th round. This wasn't bad at all. Lee dominated early on with spin kicks while Onita climbed back in it with the single leg boston grab. They made it pretty clear that Onita couldn't trade with Lee, but Lee couldn't go on the mat with Onita. After a flurry of kicks, Onita got busted upon. In the 2nd and 3rd rounds, Onita started taking complete control and he went on a powerbomb frenzy in the 3rd round, dropping Lee on his head multiple times. Each powerbomb looked nastier than the last and after a quick exchange, Onita finally finished it off in the 4th round. Lee was fine. He missed on some kicks, but they didn't sell what didn't hit and in real life, no fighter throws 100% accurate strikes anyway. I thought the match could have been better though like Onita/Aoyagi from the first FMW show was. If I booked this, Lee should have really dominated Onita early on and Onita should have maybe even tried to trade and lose. Onita would catch Lee's kicks, work on his legs and punish him on the mat. Onita could then finish him off with his usual moves or they could even tease a late KO with a surprise Lee kick, but that's just how I would do it. Nothing was wrong here but Onita was still not as experienced here as he later would be at this style of match. Onita also jarred with Lee's second during the match.

Onita talked to the press after the match and then went into Lee's dressing room, praising him:
Onita looks seriously weird here like he's wearing makeup

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