Wednesday, April 12, 2017

EVOLVE 3/31/2017 - Keith Lee vs Donovan Dijak

EVOLVE 3/31/2017 - Keith Lee vs Donovan Dijak

 The lighting here is awful. They might as well have had the show in my closet.

The finish

Keith Lee beat Donovan Dijak with a spirit bomb. This is what people think great wrestling is in 2017 and I vehemently disagree. The beginning portion of the match didn't last very long and they pretty much just went straight into flips, which both guys love to do. A chokeslam onto the apron was one of the first big spots of the match and I honestly never want to see another apron spot again. It's become the 2017 version of the superkick or the reverse huracanrana. Tons of highlights here with Dijak doing an Asai Phoenix splash, Keith Lee doing a moonsault and my least favorite part of the match - Keith Lee taking a Canadian Destroyer on his head for the 2.9, but little of it really meant anything. There was no story here, just each guy trying to do the cooler flippy move, which they did a ton of. Yes, they did some cool stuff, but no it didn't mean a single thing. The finish came here with both men flipping out of chokeslams before Lee put Dijak away with the spirit bomb, which was very fitting. There was very little striking here, they were no submissions here and they didn't really even throw bombs, they just flipped. The selling was minimal and there wasn't a real story to this, aside from Keith Lee yelling at Dijak to "bask in my glory".

I would say this match was a lot better than their WrestleCircus match which I reviewed here, but these dudes basically skipped to the final battle scenes of action movies, missing why and how it got to that point in the movie. You could truly watch this match in highlight form and miss almost nothing, since this was nothing but a highlight reel. I'm pretty much convinced that Dijak isn't saveable at this point, as the indy style has rubbed off on him too hard and he doesn't have any sense of the basics. Keith Lee has a chance and has some personality to him, but I'd be willing to bet he's going to blow out one of his knees sooner or later, if not something worse due to his style and size.

If you truly don't think I know what I'm talking about and that I'm behind the times, you will love this match, but if you can usually find yourself agreeing with me, I think you will come to a similar conclusion. Cool moves and little else here. Anyone could have done this match. There was no heart, fire or meat to this match.

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