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AWA All-Star Wrestling 4/7/1990

AWA All-Star Wrestling 4/7/1990

"The best talent is right here." - Greg Gagne
Pete Sanchez vs Colonel Debeers

"It's Jake Milliman with that sign - The Colonel is a Turkey." - Greg Gagne
We got a random interview during the match. Yep, that's a first.

"Look at the man, he's a turkey, a big turkey" - Jake Milliman

The finish

Colonel Debeers got the win with a knee to the back from the top rope. When Jake Milliman is the only notable thing about your match, it wasn't a good one. Nothing to see here and just very simple punches and stuff for Debeers to get the win.

Larry Z did an interview:

There's a captain's choice battle royale and Larry said he would take Tom Rocky Stone from Sarge's Team Challenge Series team.

Todd Becker and Spike Jones vs The Texas Hangmen
Spike with the mullet, Becker in blue

The finish

The Texas Hangmen won with the move seen above. The story here was the Hangmen could have won at any time but kept picking up their opponents during pins to deal out more damage. The ref said he'd DQ them if they did it again near the end of the match and then they finished off their opponents shortly after. I mean it wasn't a technical masterpiece, but I bought all of it and it was effective as getting the Hangmen over as two bad hombres.

Eric Bischoff interviewed manager Christopher Love:

"You've always gotta go back to the proven commodity - Christopher Love and Tully Blanchard. Get used to it" - Tully Blanchard
Blanchard promised to get the win with the Destruction Crew tonight and to take his team to Larry Land.

Tom Rocky Stone vs Sargent Slaughter
I'm a big Tom Rocky Stone fan. Truth too.

"Almost like a boxing match now as they're trading blows." - Greg Gagne

"Now he's calling for the Cobra Clutch"

"If I was Tom Stone, I would have got to the ropes, not give up, but that's the difference between Tom Rocky Stone and Greg Gagne" - Greg Gagne

Sargent Slaughter won in a quick squash here. Tom got a little offense in and looked good doing it but Sarge took it in no time. Loved the big punches from Sarge and the announcers put over how big he was at over 300 lbs.

They had Sarge pick an opponent for Stone next week and he chose Todd Becker.

Bischoff started taking about cage matches and they showed clips from a Destruction Crew vs Brad Rheingans and Paul Diamond cage match
Diamond's team won with a roll-up and Larry Z locked the cage keeping only Diamond and the Destruction Crew in it.

"Setting him up for the Wrecking Ball, this is an illegal move."

Rheingans went to chase Larry Z for the key to the cage, but Larry threw it in the ring. They hit 2 Wrecking Ball's on Diamond, knocking him out.

"Today, the action's going to be in the ring and we're coming out on top that's all the people are going to need to know." - Baron Von Raschke
"We're gonna take Larry Legend's right to the top, to the pinnacle of professional wrestling - Larry Land." - Larry Z
They updated us on the Team Challenge Series showing clips of Curtis Hughes vs The Russian Brute.

Hughes pinned The Brute for 2 points.

Team Challenge Series - Elimination Match - The Destruction Crew and Tully Blanchard vs The Trooper, DJ Peterson and Paul Diamond

DJ in red, Trooper in Blue and Diamond in black

Trooper and Bloom get counted out while fighting outside the ring

Diamond gets eliminated after Tully holds down Enos on a monkey flip attempt
DJ Peterson now has to fend off both Enos and Blanchard.
Baron hits Blanchard with the Claw
Baron gets it on again
"He doesn't know where he's at. There's a tag for ya!(upon getting punched)"

Baron with the claw again

Enos gets eliminated and pinned from this mistiming
Blanchard then rolled him up for the pin with the tights

Blanchard got the win over DJ Peterson with a roll-up and tights. Not bad at all here. It was stupid that they eliminated 2 of the guys immediately, but the rest of the match was done well. The faces showed some fire and energy and the crowd was into it. Tully was really great on offense with everything looking legit and the spots with Baron were creative.

Baron picked Jake Milliman for what I think is the 3 man battle royale next week.

Overall thoughts: Not a bad show at all. The action was decent enough and the main event was pretty fun. It's not must see by any means and there definitely was some confusion over the Team Challenge Series, but there's definitely worse shows out there. At least pretty much everything here made sense.

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