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World of Sport 7/12/1974 - Tibor Szakacs vs. Big Bruno Elrington

World of Sport 7/12/1974 - Tibor Szakacs vs. Big Bruno Elrington

6 Rounds - 2 Falls

Bruno comes in at 19 stone 12 and Tibor comes in at 15 stone 4. They said Tibor Szakacs was a Hungarian Olympic representative. Bruno is the Southern England Heavyweight Champion. And it's Tee-bore Zack-cash in case you were wondering.

Big Bruno Elrington takes the first fall in the 3rd round with a Gory Special

Big Bruno Elrington took his first public warning at the start of Round 5 after a kidney shot with the forearm.

Tibor Szakacs takes his first fall in the 5th after crossbodying through a bodyslam attempt at seen above

Bruno gets whipped into the corner so hard that the ref loses balance

Tibor Szakacs and Big Bruno Elrington went to a 6 round draw with 1 fall a piece. Excellent match. They started off slow, working holds and reversals and trying to get the edge on the mat. Tempers started to flare and Bruno started clubbing Szakacs down to size. Tibor couldn't quite match the blows and Bruno hit some beautiful european uppercuts. Bruno got the first fall kind of of out nowhere after clubbing him and then using the Gory Special. Bruno kept on pounding and not letting go of holds that an old lady in the crowd tried to put a stop to him, which was great. Bruno took his first public warning in the 5th after excessive clubbing and Tibor responded by crossbodying him and then getting the leverage to pin him. The last round was tons of fun as both guys traded with each other and both were scrambling to grab the decisive fall, but could not. The highlight of the last round though was Bruno getting whipped into the corner so hard that even the ref got knocked off balance.

This match had it all. Great technical wrestling, Bruno being your big bruiser heel while Tibor was the master of the mat. Some nice strike exchanges, 30 years before it was the norm and they just really sold the story well of Bruno being the big frustrated heel who resorted to clubbing when he couldn't put down Tibor.  The announcer was really good, selling the match and explaining the nuances while putting over the story and both guys. Highly recommended and if you want to understand what people mean when they say "Wrestling today sucks" and "guys don't know how to work", this is what they are talking about. No one took any huge bumps, no one did anything they couldn't do for another 20 years without serious injury and they made it look like two guys trying to win, not a gymnastics show. The crowd loved it, I loved it and these two went near 25 minutes and it still wasn't enough.

Classics pro wrestling at its finest here and something everyone should watch and copy. Rating:*****

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