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World of Sport 10/23/1974 - Pete Curry vs Abe Ginsberg

World of Sport 10/23/1974 - Pete Curry vs Abe Ginsberg

8 rounds of 5 minutes
2 pins or submissions to win it

Abe Ginsberg with the black helmet, Pete Curry in the blue
"Ginsberg, a wrestler who never holds his cool for more than 2-3 rounds at most"

"It must give him a tremendous advantage for headbutts" - The announcer on Abe Ginsburg's helmet

Curry objects to the helmet so Ginsberg, the heel, removed it. The announcer said this was the first time he's removed it during a match. A fan was heckling him about it as well and Ginsberg brought it up.
Ginsberg takes the 3rd with a sunset flip

Curry picked up the 2nd fall in the 4th round with a body slam and pin.

The finish

Abe Ginsberg beat Pete Curry with the 3 in 1 in the 6th round. The story of this was dirty heel Ginsberg sticking to the rules, taking off his helmet and dominating Curry on the mat and in holds before taking the win. Mostly all mat based here until the end with Ginsberg focusing Curry's left leg. The work wasn't anything too special but Ginsberg was pretty smooth and is definitely a technican who is pretty good at doing his thing. Ginberg's helmet was something I've never seen before and made him stand out. Curry wasn't bad but he didn't bring anything of note to the table. This was unoffensive at worst and really just kind of average.

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