Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hungarian Wrestling - Mamdou Farag vs Ray Glendenning

Hungarian Wrestling - Mamdou Farag vs Ray Glendening

Marndou Farag on the left, Gallagher(LOL JK) is your referee  in the middle and Ray Gelndering is on the right

The finish

Ray Glendenning beat Marndou Faraq with a super nasty piledriver. This has to be some of the worst quality footage I've ever seen. It was clipped to hell, the screen at one point was split in the middle, things were replayed 3-4 times in a row and the quality was rough. The match was eh. Farag wasn't good but Glendenning is pretty much a beast of a guy and seemed to play the cocky power heel here, powering out of attacks and re-rerouting Farq where he pleased. This was not blog worthy, but I'd never seen Ray Glendenning before.

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