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WWE UK Championship Tournament Results

WWE UK Championship Tournament Results

I'm watching this while at work, so it could be a little rough at times here.

Trent Seven vs HC Dyer

Match was okay. Nothing too special. HC had awful facials on his entrance but they were actually pretty good when it came time to use them in the match. Trent has some awful looking strikes at times and doesn't really have a great body. I thought they undersold HC's big right punch which I think could have been bought as the finish.

Danny Burch vs Jordan Devlin

Devlin totally looks like someone's younger brother and is hard to take seriously. Burch has that dad body like Bob Armstrong. Burch was really crisp and good here and I liked the transition from pin to crossface. They barely got the release german escape off. The back of Burch's head is bleeding somehow and they call it off. A shame as Burch was looking great. They show a replay and it appears they counted the pin for Devlin even though Burch got out of it. Oops. Someone getting in trouble for that. Devlin superkicks Burch after the handshake which I didn't see coming. Still think this guy had the big head and small body of a 5 year old.

Devlin does a heel interview after calling himself a "thoroughbread horse". Yeah, ok.

Saxon Huxley vs Sam Gradwell

Huxley is some hipster type it seems. Gradwell needs a beard as he's too clean.  Huxley's gear with basically leopard skin underwear over his pants is interesting. Put some pants on Gradwell, you're making me uncomfortable. "Let's go Jesus/Jesus Sucks" chants going on here. Gradwell got the win with a nice lariat and a diving headbutt off the top, which were about the only good things about this match.

Squire Dave Taylor in the house. I'd really rather watch him than anyone in this tournament.

Pete Dunne vs Roy Johnson
Dunne is "The Bruiserweight". Okay, I'll buy and check it out. Roy is Jamaican and says he's the "wavy guy", which means cool apparently. Loving Dunne. He worked the fingers and hands here and it looked more brutal than any move so far. Dunne picked up Roy by the nose LOL Dunne countered a dive with a right cross. Dunne picked up the win here and is already ready for TV. Johnson was pretty bland.

Tyson T-Bone vs Wolfgang

They showed T-Bone beating up on Big Daddy Walter. Why can't he be here? He's better than everyone. T-Bone is a gypsy and is covered in tattoos. Kind of looks like Mr. Anderson crossed with Enzo. Wolfgang looks like the 3rd 1990's Harris Brother.  Tyson not in wrestling gear here and I seriously just want to see him wrestle like this. Nice headbutt to start from T-Bone. Wolf can move for a bigger dude. Wolf did some awesome rights and a moonsault. Big release german from T-Bone on Wolf. Wolf swanton and the win. Wolf looked really good here and T-Bone has something to him. Best match so far. Get Wolf a couple of burgers and he'll be good to go.

James Drake vs Joseph Connors

Connors is missing some his ear apparently. Super hard to tell these two apart once they got wrestling. Nice forearm by Drake and Connors was in the corner, put his legs stretched out and stomped Drake. Connors did an elbow into a back breaker and got the win with a backbump type of move. Not good at all and both these guys are bland.

Mark Andrews vs Dan Moloney 

Andrews wears a backwards hat and an airplane on his belt. Andrews won with the SSP after a lot of flipping. Moloney really didn't do anything here and didn't get the chance to. Andrews is your typical flippy dude and y'all know how I feel about the flippies.

Tyler Bate vs Tucker

Oh the jokes on Bate's name...Tucker's promo vid was disturbing. Bate has one of the scummiest faces you've ever seen. Awesome surprise left by Bate. Tucker loves the flips. Nice chinlock roll through.  Bate got the win here with a Tiger Driver.  Bate was okay showing some some personality and power moves but Tucker loves the flips and cool moves.

They had all the winners come on stage after and Dunne nailed Gradwell while Devlin went face to face with Bate.

Overall thoughts: I really hope this isn't the best the UK has to offer because only a handful of guys were really any decent here. Thought it was probably too rushed all along and a lot of the guys really aren't any good. Dunne and Wolfgang were probably the stars of the show, with Bate also up there.

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