Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Heel/Face Wrestling - 1/7/2017 - Thunder Rosa vs Shotzi Blackheart

Heel/Face Wrestling - 1/7/2017 - Thunder Rosa vs Shotzi Blackheart

I'm just doing this straight from youtube. And yes, that's the name of the promotion.

Shotzi said "Rosa, I did not call you a local loser, I called you an international loser".

"Do it again" - the kid watching the match

"These girls have a lot more trust in the fans than I do" - Me

The finish

Thunder Rosa beat Shotzi Blackheart with a version of Phillip J Fukumasa's Buckingham Drop. I absolutely loved the fancam presentation of this match with no commentary In this day in age with HD, I think fancams are a lot more relevant. I could hear every bump. I could hear the wrestlers talk trash and I could hear the wrestlers interact with the crowd. I loved that. I felt a part of the match and felt I had the best seat in the house, which was great.

As for the match, it honestly wasn't bad at all. The girls did have a bit of awkwardness/greenness to their moves, as only the American female wrestlers seem to have. I have no idea what this is or why it happens, but it seems to be an American female only problem. Is it a lack of training or practice? Is it a lack of strength? I don't know, but it did hurt the match a bit.

I really liked it overall though. The girls worked the crowd, jarred with each other and a lot of the moves were definitely connecting. Rosa's llave style moves are very refreshing and I think both wrestlers look like superstars. Shotzi got a few submissions in there as well and I can't think really think of a ton of critiques here minus the greenness. They also ripped each other on the mic pre-match, giving something to make you care here and then talked a little after, but it was hard to pick up what was said.

This is on youtube and I really recommend checking this out if for nothing else than the presentation style. I've always loved the fancam style and they really hit it out of the park here.


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