Friday, January 13, 2017

BattlARTS - 3/14/2001 - Takeshi Ono vs Ryuji Hijikata

BattlARTS - 3/14/2001 - Takeshi Ono vs Ryuji Hijikata

 I did a podcast on this match here:

Note - The quality on this is junk but I really wanted to see some old Battlarts

Takeshi Ono

Takeshi Ono beat Ryuji Hijikata at 7:25 with a high left kick. Really good match. So many awesome striking sequences here and these two have no love loss for each other. This looked legit and was some of the best shoot style wrestling I've ever seen. They kept the pace high too so the action never dragged. Ono is a great dick heel and throws some of the best strikes I've ever seen, but his selling is weak and he is too thin. Hijikata was fine and brought some bombs of his own like his nasty fishermans buster on Ono and some of those shots. Overall this was a great match and was totally refreshing to watch. It's on youtube so go check it out. Rating:***1/2.

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