Thursday, January 26, 2017

Battlarts 1/20/1998 - Yuki Ishikawa vs Alexander Otsuka

Battlarts 1/20/1998 - Yuki Ishikawa vs Alexander Otsuka

格闘探偵団バトラーツ -  アレクサンダー大塚 vs 石川雄規

Alexander Otsuka

Yuki Ishikawa

Yuki Ishikawa beat Alexander Otsuka with a Kimura at 16:47. Classic pro wrestling right here folks. Two dudes trying to simulate a fight to look as real as they could and they succeeded here. This was basic pro wrestling at its finest with guys getting the most out of basic moves and making it look real. They fought for everything, they resisted everything and they stiffed the hell out of each other. Yuki Ishikawa hit some great punches here. Both guys exchanged lots of nasty suplexes and MMA submissions. Near the end, Otsuka suplexed Ishikawa on his head multiple times and had Ishikawa barely able to answer the 10 count. Then Otsuka went for one too many suplexes and Ishikawa escaped it, setting up the kimura win. Simple stuff here that any one could do, but no one can because they don't get wrestling. It's pretty hard to find any real holes with this aside from maybe wanting to see more striking and a little bit more story. This was an excellent display of shoot style wrestling. Rating:****1/4

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