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All Japan Women's Zenjo Classics #7

 All Japan Women's Zenjo Classics #7

4/3/1985 Zen Nihon Junior Senshuken Oza Kettei Tournament Junkessho - Yumi Ogura vs Kanako Nagatomo

Yumi Ogura

Kanako Nagatomo

I think Ogura her herself more on the first one then her opponent more on the second.

Yumi Ogura beat Kanako Nagatomo with basically a shoot moving pin. Odd finish. Nagatomo was still moving and the ref never stopped counting. Can't say I've seen that before. The match wasn't anything special but wasn't anything that bad either. Just kind of aimless mat wrestling with no girl really showing that much. They did work over body parts early but then gave up and it was mostly a waste of time.

4/6/1985 - Zen Nihon Junior Senshuken Oza Kettei Tournament Kesshosen - Yumi Ogura vs Mika Komatsu

Yumi Ogura got the win with 2 sentons. Pretty good match for inexperienced girls. They got into a slap fight that busted Komatsu's nose and carried the match. Ogura was a total dick about it showing off the bloody nose to everyone and slapping her even more, while Komatsu bit her. They brought the hate towards each other and got things heated. It was mostly all basic stuff and mat work but it wasn't boring at all and they did a good job with simple stuff. Ragting:***

4/6/1985 Fuji TV Hai Japan Grand Prix Koshikisen - Yukari Omori vs Itsuki Yamazaki

Yukari Omori

Itsuki Yamazaki

The finish
Yukari Omori beat Itsuki Yamazaki with the surfboard. Decent match here. The story early on was Omori hurting her hand and Itsuki worked over it until Omori took control with her bigger size and was able to grab the win with a surfboard when Itsuki missed a top rope dropkick. The crowd loved Omori and she was really fun here as a Manny Fernandez type of wrestler. Not must see or anything but a perfectly fine match. Rating:***1/4

Overall thoughts: Some decent stuff on here but nothing you need to go out of your way to see by any means. I had never seen Omori and I'd only seen Ogura at Big Egg, so I wanted to see what they were about. Omori vs Yamazaki was the best match on the disc but the Ogura/Komatsu match wasn't bad at all.

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