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All Japan Women's TV - Early August 1984

All Japan Women's TV - Early August 1984

長与千種 vs  ジャンボ堀

Chigusa Nagayo vs Jumbo Hori

"Cowgirl" Chigusa Nagayo

Jumbo Hori

Jumbo Hori and Chigusa Nagayo went to a 20 minute draw, but naturally they didn't show all of it. Good match for what they showed. Chigusa went at her right at the bell and then sneaked so carefully in before her and Jumbo had a strike exchange. Pretty much all submissions and simple 80's wrestling from there to the finish when they exchanged some piledrivers and suplexes, trying to get the win before the bell. Both girls definitely had the extra edge of hate here and I enjoyed this, wishing we could have gotten a finish. Rating:***

All Pacific Title - Devil Masami vs Leilani Kai
オールパシフィック王座 -  デビル雅美 vs レイラニ・カイ

Devil Masami beat Leilani Kai with a surfboard. Devil got jumped from the start by Kai's cronie and there wasn't much to this match. I think they clipped it and it was mostly just weak fighting in the crowd, Kai's cohort interfering and Kai using foreign objects. Devil got tired of it and grabbed a baton of some sort and left go on both girls and then took the match soon after. Nothing worthwhile here.

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