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All Japan Women's - 8/22/1985 - All Pacific Title - Devil Masami vs Chigusa Nagayo

All Japan Women's - 8/22/1985 - All Pacific Title - Devil Masami vs Chigusa Nagayo

全日本女子プロレス 1985年8月22日- WWWAオールパシフィック王座 - 吉田 雅美 vs 長与千種

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They had went to a double knockout draw at 36:52 when neither could answer the ten count. Epic match. The first half was all about the selling and the second half was about Chigusa working the sharpshooter, while they stood toe to toe and brawled like boxers.They didn't do a ton of fancy stuff here and there weren't that many crazy moves, but they fought for everything and made it look like a fight all the way through. I loved the various sections with Devil boxing vs Chigusa's kicks, the suplexes were all good and the crowd carried this match all the way through. Both sold and made big enough facials to reach the peanut seats and this is the closest you can get to a heavyweight boxing fight in wrestling. I never had to say to myself "gee that looked fake" or "aren't you going to sell that?". It was just classic wrestling and there's a lot today's workers could learn from this. Anyone could have done this match, but this was a match where you had to have the basics down, and they did here. Great match that is really different from anything else you are going to see just for how real they were and how it mirrored a boxing match at times and it's definitely worth a look. I know the big question is going to be - was this better than the 4+ star Asuka/Yokota match from the same show and I'd have to say overall it was. That had selling issues and this didn't. Now I really want a Chigusa/Yokota match and a Masami/Yokota match. Also have to add that Devil looked straight out of an anime comic with her wild and crazy eyes while Chigusa looked like the female Rocky Balboa here. Rating:*****

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