Tuesday, January 24, 2017

All Japan Women - 1979 - Yumi Ikeshita vs Nancy Kumi

All Japan Women - 1979 - Yumi Ikeshita vs Nancy Kumi

 池下ユミ vs ナンシー久美

Nancy Kumi

Yumi Ikeshita
Ikeshita hits the ref within 10 seconds

Ikeshita gets busted with her foreign object

Ref stops the mach due to the time limit and they still want more, so the ref adds 5 more mins

Nancy Kumi beat Yumi Ikeshita by countout in overtime. Not sure what happened here. The time limit was 45 minutes but they either only went 25 minutes or they clipped some. They fought more and the ref gave them 5 more minutes where they fought outside with chairs and Kumi snuck in the ring before the 20 count expired. Okay match but really nothing that special. Ikeshita is your typical fiery dirty heel cheating with weapons and taking lots of shortcuts throughout with some decent boxing skills while Kumi just worked your basic style of wrestling. Not a ton of story to it past that. Decent enough match though and they worked it well enough that they were able to push off some of the miscommunication as them fighting/escaping some of the holds. The crowd was dead silent throughout the whole thing and I'm really not sure if I missed half of the match or if they just didn't show it. The highlights of the match were Ikeshita's basic heel tactics and both girls hitting stiff backdrop suplexes.

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