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WCW Saturday Night 11/30/1991 Review

WCW Saturday Night 11/30/1991 Review

Last week's show is here:

This is on XWT Classics if you are interested in seeing it.

They showed a Sting preview interview clip saying this:
"The knee is fine. I'm gonna come back 100%"

"Hello everyone and welcome to TBS and World Championship Wrestling"

Johnny B Badd vs Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

"I don't accept checks" - Johnny B Badd

Johnny B Badd won with the "Tutti Frutti" left hook. This wasn't good at all. Parker botched a gutwrench. Badd just did a bunch of "badd" punches. Crowd wasn't that into Badd either, likely for the feminine characteristics.

The Diamond Studd vs Scott Allen

"I'm the bad guy, look at me" - Diamond Studd

"If you like high impact wrestling with a nasty streak, then you're gonna like The Diamond Studd"

"And if that weren't enough, here comes the Diamond Death Drop"

The Diamond Studd got the win with the Diamond Death Drop aka Razor's Edge. He basically did all the same things he would have done as Razor Ramon years later. He stiff his opponent hard and the jobber earned his money the hard way. Studd looked good here.

"I'm not doing this for nothin, I'm doing this for you - The Little Stingers" - Sting on a Main Event(the show) promo
WCW Magazine with Eric Bischoff

He announced a rematch with Rick Steiner and Lex Luger. They showed clips of a Luger/Steiner confrontation where Steiner unofficially pinned Lex.

They then showed clips of Steiner/Luger from Clash of the Champions.
"Oh yeah, it's chaos here" - JR
 Luger hit Steiner with a belt shot after shenanigans with Hughes and Harley Race.

The Patriots vs Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton

"If the Patriots could defeat Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton, it would be the upset of the year" - Paul E
Arn after Chip's move

"They've not only been the best of friends but the worst of enemies but they've always had a mutual respect" - Paul E on Bobby/Arn
"Make up your mind, who do you wanna punch?" - Paul
The finish
 Arn Anderson pinned Todd Champion after an Alabama Jam from Eaton. Really cool finish that only Eaton could really pull off. The match wasn't that good despite the heels efforts. The Patriots were just too green and were hesistating/forgetting spots all over. Paul E was also a bit overbearing on commentary as I'd start listening to him and forget a bit about the match. They really did sell me on Eaton/Anderson already being the best tag team despite not really teaming together.

Medusa headkicked Firebreaker Chip after.

JR took us to clips of Jushin Liger vs Pegasus Kid, introducing Liger to the fans for his Battlebowl upcoming appearance:

"The moonsault" - Jim Ross
With that clip, we likely saw the first shooting star press in the US.

Cactus Jack vs Flyin Brian Pillman

"I was told they almost fought all the way out of West Peach Street, before some of Atlanta's finest could get them separated" - Ross on the Jack/Hammer brawl from last week.
"He's gotta keep Cactus Jack off balance physically...he's already off balance mentally" - JR

The finish
Flyin Brian got the pin on Cactus Jack after a Van Hammer guitar shot, in revenge for the one Jack gave him at the Clash. Absolutely insane match, especially for 1991. They flew and bumped everywhere and basically did a 1991 version of a spotfest. Honestly they did too much, with 4 of the gifs above happening within a minute and didn't sell much. The crowd ate it up though and it was rather exciting.
"He needs a straightjacket"

WCW Television Title - Stunning Steve Austin vs Arachniman

"Many consider him the finest pure athlete in WCW. The reason behind that is that the TV title is defended more than any title in WCW."

"The name of the game is professional wrestling. The object is to exploit your opponents weakness. The object is render your opponent helpess and that's exactly what I did to Sting"
"Looks like Steve Austin's in a resthold right now" - Cannot believe Rick Rude just said that | "What's the deal with this Arachniman? Who is that?" - Rude
Stunning Steve Austin got the win with a phone shot to the head when Arachniman went for a flying cross body. Not a real good match with almost all restholds. Arachniman had little charisma with the mask making him more uncharismatic and they didn't really do anything exciting. Rude was on commentary and was either trolling hard or was completely confused, not even knowing that this was a title match.

Z-Man vs John Peterson

The finish
Z-Man got the win with a superkick. Nothing match here. Z-Man was like a flying 90's babyface that didn't actually fly. This was mostly all restholds.

Interview with Sting:
"Whenever I face any opponent, they wanna go for the weak point - the knee."
"Maybe, when I find out I'm 100% and stop goofing off, maybe, just maybe and everyone else will find out, that nice guys finish first."
Sting mostly talked about getting ready for Sting and said "it hurt" when Luger turned on him.

WCW Top Ten Rankings

Mr. Hughes vs Johnny Rich
Yes, Johnny Rich was pushed as a Tommy Rich relative previously. No sign of his cousin Richie though.

Mr. Hughes got the quick win with a sidewalk slam. Not much to speak of here. Hughes moved really well and looked alright.

WCW Tag Team Titles - Ricky Steamboat and Dustin Rhodes vs The York Foundation
After watching last week, how does losing to Arachniman and Big Josh get you a tag title shot? Unrelated, I'm actually one of the biggest marks ever for the York Foundation. I think it was the music and referring to everyone in their full name.

And for some reason, this didn't take place at Center Stage. I'd like to think that it is because Center Stage wasn't big enough to house a York Foundation title match, but that remains to be seen.

"Last week, we saw an altercation with Terrance and Morton. Apparently they have resolved their problems."

"Looks as if Ms. York is trying to get Taylor into the ring. He's not doing it"
The finish

Ricky Steamboat pinned Richard Morton with a crossbody after Taylor refused to get back into the ring. Good match here, but nothing too crazy. There were armdrags for days here as well as lots of restholds. Morton was doing comedic selling throughout the match and they teased the YF's not working well together. I didn't have any problems with this and it was a decent match while pushing storylines. Rating: ***

Overall thoughts: This show wasn't as good as last week but the main and the Cactus/Pillman match were good. The Diamond Studd squash also accomplished what it set out to do. I really liked the production overall of the show as the camera angles were great and they really just treated this as a sport, even with some clearly awful undercard gimmicks. I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to see it, but it was alright.

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