Wednesday, April 13, 2016

ARSION 5/7/2000 - ARS 2000 Tournament Final - Aja Kong vs Michiko Omukai

ARSION 5/7/2000 - ARS 2000 - Aja Kong vs Michiko Omukai

The finish

Aja Kong beat Michiko Omukai with a Uraken. This was a tournament final which I didn't know going on, which answered my questions about why this was only about 6 minutes of actual action. The match was fine for what it was but was way too short and it really could have just been an opener. It ended up being okay, but for what these two put on at ARSION VIRGIN, this could have been much better. The camera work was really good here and I really liked the facials. Omukai's right cross on Aja was also pretty cool.

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