Wednesday, April 13, 2016

ARSION 5/7/2000 - ARS 2000 Tournament Final - Aja Kong vs Michiko Omukai

ARSION 5/7/2000 - ARS 2000 - Aja Kong vs Michiko Omukai

The finish

Aja Kong beat Michiko Omukai with a Uraken. This was a tournament final which I didn't know going on, which answered my questions about why this was only about 6 minutes of actual action. The match was fine for what it was but was way too short and it really could have just been an opener. It ended up being okay, but for what these two put on at ARSION VIRGIN, this could have been much better. The camera work was really good here and I really liked the facials. Omukai's right cross on Aja was also pretty cool.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

WCW Saturday Night 12/7/1991 Review

WCW Saturday Night 12/7/1991 Review

They showed clips from the tag title match of Eaton/Anderson vs Rhodes/Steamboat
They promised Omni clips for the show along with an 8-man tag.

Rick Steiner vs Greg Sawyer

The finish
Rick Steiner beat the crap out of Sawyer to get the win. He was way too stiff here and definitely reckless. You couldn't pay me to job to a Steiner.

We got clips from Rude/Sting from the Omni:
"Talk to me now as much as you want, we got em" - Paul E

Rude won by DQ, I think by Sting hitting him with E's phone. Medusa and Paul E interfered though multiple times and I guess that's ok? What they showed look good minus the interference.

WCW Magazine with Eric Bischoff

They showed E introducing Rude from Halloween Havoc when he dressed up as the Halloween Havoc Phantom along with more Clash of the Champions clips.

They then showed the formation of the Dangerous Alliance from 2 weeks ago.

Terrance Taylor vs Scott Allen

"Interestingly enough, Mr. Taylor is here without the York Foundation entourage"

"We had heard that Terrance Taylor may be trying to negotiate his way out of his York Foundation contract."

Taylor won with the Five-Arm in a squash. Taylor's offense looked pretty bad minus him busting out a gutwrench powerbomb and they said Taylor was with the Dangerous Alliance on the Bruise Cruise.

The Patriots, PN News and Flyin Brian Pillman vs The Young Pistols, Thomas Rich and Richard Morton

Firebreaker Chip got the win with a roll through on a Steve Armstrong crossbody. Good match. The crowd was on fire and Pillman as always was the star. Pillman was so ahead of the game in 1991 and had enough spots in his arsenal to do a handicap match by himself and make it look good. Rating:***

Jushin Liger vs Chris Benoit
JR brought up Liger taking Benoit's mask to build up for this. Good stuff.

"What a move, that shooting star press" - JR

Jushin Liger beat Chris Benoit with a top rope hurracanrana. Good match as you would expect but it probably could have been better. This was only shot with one camera which really hurt it, but lets be honest, this was better than an Arachniman match instead. I really liked Liger's koppo counter kicks here and even through the mask, Liger had as much charisma as anyone. It is kind of hard to watch Benoit matches because every time he does the diving headbutt I think of Daniel Bryan's injuries as well as his own. Ross tried his best here and did a good job, but there's only so much he could do with what he had to work with. Rating:***

The Diamond Exchange - Diamond Dallas Page and The Diamond Studd vs Prime Time Brian Lee and Chris Sullivan

"That's right baby, I'm back"
I kind of feel bad for Sullivan here. Math teachers don't make good looking pro wrestlers.

LOL what in the hell was that?

The finish

DDP got the pin after Studd hit a Diamond Death Drop. Studd hit the move, Page asked for the tag and pinned him. This was a very different squash than usual. From the second I saw Brian Lee, I knew it wouldn't be the usual. They treated Lee as an equal to Studd and this clearly was a vehicle to test a Brian Lee run. He was fine but it's not like he tore the house down or anything. Studd threw some hard chops and looked pretty good as usual.

Big Josh vs Gentleman Jim Clontz
"Big Josh uh looks like he just came off a can of beef stew" - JR

"Looks like Carlton the Doorman there" - JR

"Big Josh with the log roll"

Big Josh won with a la silla in a quick squash. Unfotunately our friend Gentleman Jim got nothing in.

WCW Top 10

Clips of Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson vs Ricky Steamboat and Dustin Rhodes from the Omni:

It ended up going to a 45 min draw, but I honestly doubt it went that long. They were at 30 minutes when I started and didn't go for another 15. The match looked good and was heated but there wasn't much to show due to camera angles.

Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Dustin Rhodes vs Stunning Steve Austin and Arn Anderson

"During that contest, Beautiful Bobby made a major career decision. He turned his back on the fans, on his partner and he joined the Dangerous Alliance"
"Beautiful Bobby, tagging in Dustin. What...what's he doin? Beautiful Bobby with a shoulderbreaker on his own partner. Beautiful Bobby turning his back on his partner."
Just seconds were shown here.

Dustin Rhodes vs Beautiful Bobby Eaton

"Paul E if you have any problems call me(to Medusa). Medua staying out here. Her character has been questioned recently."

"Beautiful Bobby with that steel chair."
"Inside cradle, he's got 'em. Ohh what a surpise."

Dustin Rhodes beat Beautiful Bobby Eaton with a schoolboy. Eaton clipped Rhodes early and worked on the leg all match while Medusa mostly interfered. Eaton got cocky near the end just slapping Rhodes before getting pinned. After the match, Anderon and Zbyszko jumped in and attacked Dustin before Mike Graham and Pillman made the save. The match made sense and wasn't anything too special. Rhodes' selling was good but I probably would have had Eaton win.

Overall thoughts: Not a bad show at all. The squashes were decent and the 8-man plus the Benoit/Liger match were good.