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K-1 Grand Prix 1993

K-1 Grand Prix 1993

This is the TV version. Some of it may be clipped, but it will do.

Akira Maeda in the house

Some of the competitors:

Masaaki Satake vs. Todd "Hollywood" Hays

The first round was all Satake with Todd looking honestly scared at times while Satake kept being aggressive.

The finish
Masaaki Satake beat Todd "Hollywood" Hays in the 2nd at 0:45 with a low kick and a kick to the chin. I'm kind of calling BS on the finish. There is no way that should have finished Hays and the shot honestly wasn't even the good. Yeah, he didn't take the leg kicks well but it was just too weak to buy, especially for a KO finish. Hays also looked fine and honestly looked to be selling.

Branco Cikatic vs. Changpuek Kiatsongrit

Branco's one of those dudes that you see once and you instantly remember. His name was pretty cool but he's a notorious long-time dirty fighter and got DQ'd in a PRIDE FC fight once.

The finish

Branco Cikatic got the win with a left hook in 2:35 here. This was a decent fight but Branco was just too big for his opponent. He had a significant height and weight advantange and Changpuek was really going to have to be on the ball just to even have a shot. He looked good, but it just wasn't going to happen. Too bad he didn't get Todd Hays, as I'm certain he could have won.

Maurice Smith vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa
 All versions as far as I can tell have the 3rd Round only for this.

Atokawa goes down but gets back up

Maurice Smith won by Unanimous Decision with all three judges giving him the win after 3 rounds. They only showed the last round but he was clearly in charge, though Atokawa hung in there. The third round knockdown didn't help Atokawa and likely sealed the deal for Smith. I can't give too much more insight because little was shown.

Ernesto Hoost vs Peter Aerts
Only the 3rd Round was shown unfortunately.

Aerts takes a fast one but hangs on

Ernesto Hoost beat Peter Aerts by decision with two judges giving it to Hoost and one calling it a draw. What they showed looked really good with both guys looking to fight and it looked like this was one of the more competitive matches of the tournament. Hoost looked quick and comfortable on his feet and Aerts looked strong and hard to take down.

K1 Grand Prix 1993 - 2nd Round

Masaaki Satake vs Branco Citakic

Somehow this wasn't a knockdown
Branco clearly had the first round by being all over Sataake and legit throwing him around as he pleased.

Nice knee by Branco

Lots of missed shots in the second round, but again, I think Branco got the better of Sataake. He's just being way more aggressive and getting better shots in.

Branco drops Satake for the win

Branco Cikatic beat Masaaki Sataki in the 3rd Round at 0:45 with what looks like a left hook. I was surprised Masaaki dropped so hard and so fast as I figured he would make it through the round. It was clear though that he was going to be done for the night either way as Branco wasn't losing this. Branco had all 3 rounds on my scorecard and he seemed like the opposite of what the more relaxed Sataki would want to fight.

Ernesto Hoost vs Maurice Smith
Both guys already went through 3 Round fights, so I'm sure they want to get this over as quick as they can. The winner gets Branco Cikatic, which isn't exactly a light at the end of the tunnel.

The first round is a tough call. I thought Smith had a small advantage for about 3/4 of the round but the Hoost came back and probably got it with a good run and putting Smith in trouble.

Smith hangs on
After the 2nd Round, I have both rounds for Hoost. Smith's legs were looking weak here and Ernesto was staying light on his feet with good attacks. He was the aggressor and was definitely gaining control of this one.

Hoost wins

Ernesto Hoost beat Maurice Smith with a left high kick at 1:18 in the 3rd Round. Smith started to look like he was going down in the second and Hoost hit a high kick unexpectedly to finish the job. It kind of didn't matter at this point as Smith could only win by KO, as he was going to lose if it went to the decision. Hoost was still looking good and moving quick even after his 6th round of fighting for the night.

Special Match - Karate: Nobuaki Kakuda vs. Andy Hug

I gave this one to Hug. It was a pretty exciting round. Hug threw roundhouse kicks and some really cool axe kicks. He was definitely the aggressor and Kakuda basically had to be the one to be defensive and try to catch Hug's kicks. Kakuda hit some really nice body blow combo's though.

The finish
Andy Hug got the win at 1:26 in the 2nd Round. This was a really fun match, mostly due to hug. He hit and tried for tons of cool hits and was very flashy. Kakuda wasn't bad at all but Hug really put him in defensive mode, making it hard for him to win this.

K1 Grand Prix 1993 - Championship Tournament Final - Ernesto Hoost vs Branco Cikatic

Branco Cikatic beat Ernesto Hoost with a left hook at 2:49 in the first round. Branco was pretty even with Hoost but got a good shot in and a puncher always has a chance. I was really surprised by the knockout, but I think Cikatic having to fight less rounds and taking less damage really helped him. I really can't fault Branco here for anything as he really looked good all night and deservedly won this.

"I'm so happy right now" - Branco Cikatic
Branco said Satake was the hardest opponent of the night due to his punching. He said thank you to everyone and said he wants to fight again.

Branco got $100,000 USD for the win.

Overall thoughts: The show was fine overall. Branco deserved to win and managed to take little damage en-route to the final, while Hoost had 6 rounds in him already. Branco wasn't really hurt all night and never looked in trouble. He just kind of toughed it out to get the win. I thought Peter Aerts looked good and just kind of got unlucky to get Hoost. The most interesting person on the show wasn't even in the tournament. Andy Hug looked like a star immediately and after finishing thing, it kind of taints Branco's win as Hug didn't get a chance. I also very much question the Satake/Hays match as that match looked a bit off. The match of the night was easily Hug/Kakuda with Aerts/Hoost looking like a lot of fun.

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