Monday, September 1, 2014

WCCW Disk 40 Review - Part 2

WCCW World Class Championship Wrestling Disk 40 Review - Part 2

I did a podcast on this show here:

Kelly Kiniski vs  "Cowboy" Scott Casey

Scott Casey has Jim Cornette's green jacket. He stole it from him.

Scott Casey beat Kelly Kiniski by DQ when Cornette and Eaton ran in to retrieve Cornette's jacket. You want to know how bad this match was? Cornette and Eaton were the best workers in it despite only interfering. This was the clunkiest thing I've seen maybe ever. It was just all awkward movements, bumps and botches. Kiniski looked so bad here. So bad that I can't even think of a nice way to put it. He honestly looked like one of the worst workers I've ever seen, with Khali easily being superior. Yeah, that was not good and should be a candidate for worst match of the year for that year. I liked the overall angle though with Cornette trying to get his jacket back, and you know, actually caring about it. Simple but it worked. After the match, Kabuki made the save as Casey faced the MX and Kiniski. Sunshine um came out, but I can't really call that making the save.

Texas Heavyweight Title - Gino Hernandez vs Brian Adias


The finish

Gino Hernandez beat Brian Adias with a schoolboy in the most basic and textbook match I've seen in a long time. They exchanged headlocks early, Brian got some dropkicks in and kept trying to pin Gino, until Gino snuck it out. Nothing of note at all here except Gino having some fun messing with the crowd.

The One Man Gang vs The Great Kabuki

The Great Kabuki beat the One Man Gang by DQ when Hart was in the ring and Gang used a chain. This was short, bad and full of stalling. Gang was fine but Kabuki is just a bad wrestler. All of his strikes looked awful and he's just awkward. Kabuki misted Gang to get him out of there after the bell, and that's when he went to go choke Gary Hart.

Falls Count Anywhere - Kerry Von Erich vs Taras Bulba

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's this? It's Bulba with a claw of his own!"
"The match is over! Kerry Von Erich's been beaten with the Iron Claw." - Frank
"Kerry is bleeding!" - Frank
"Kerry Von Erich was been beaten in the middle of the ring with the Iron Claw!" - Frank

Tara Bulba beat Kerry Von Erich with the Mongolian Claw. Kerry had to be stretchered out after Bulba wouldn't let go. I really liked this one. Bulba was a fun brawler and just had a neat way of striking. There was good heat and like usual, WCCW brawls are quite fun. The early parts of the match were annoying with Akbar stalling and giving instructions to Bulba constantly, but it was fine after that. Kerry sold pretty well here and really tried his best to get Bulba over. The announcers also put this over really well and I enjoyed it. Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts:  I only really liked one match on this part of the disk, so I guess it wasn't that great. The Kiniski match was bad, the Gino match was pretty bland, Gang vs Kabuki wasn't much better but the Kerry/Bulba match was fun. Can't really say I recommend this part, but the first part was fun.

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