Friday, September 5, 2014

AJPW 8/18/1996 - Kenta Kobashi vs Tsuyoshi Kikuchi

AJPW 8/18/1996 - Kenta Kobashi vs Tsuyoshi Kikuchi

I did a podcast on this match here:

Kenta Kobashi beat Tsuyoshi Kikuchi at 15:09 with a lariat. Very dull match here. The crowd wasn't into it at all and they had no reason to be. They never even tried to establish that Kikuchi could be a threat, so no one bought it. Of course, he was never going to win, but they could have made an effort to make it look like he would. This was basically a crowd waiting for Kikuchi to get executed and for this to end, because the outcome was never in doubt. Kikuchi was good with the selling but wasn't that fiery and Kobashi really didn't do much of anything. This was a total waste of time, which is a shame, because a few years earlier, this would have been a fiery fast paced match.

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